March 22, 2009
March 27, 2009
FIGHT GONE BAD. Need I say more?

FGB Blurb for the Newbies: FGB involves 5 stations, or exercises, for 3 rounds. A minute is spent at each station before you move onto the next station with a minute rest between rounds. The key here is score keeping. Your score is the total reps completed and total calories burned on the rower. While the workout is only about 17 minutes long, if you go hard enough it should be the toughest 17 minutes ever.

The standard is Three Rounds of:

Wall-ball, 20# ball (14# for ladies), 10 ft target
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75# (55# for ladies)
Box Jump, 20″ box
Push-press, 75# (55# for ladies)
Row (Calories)

For class some people did sandbag work instead of rowing and we all subbed wall-ball shots with DB Thrusters.


As I said last time we did this…These are the totals based on the reps listed on everyone’s sheet. You will probably notice most of the scores are different now, but who said doing math after a CF workout was a good idea?

Compare to 20081111.

Post loads, modifications, thoughts to comments.

Great work as always CFDC!



  1. Bryant says:

    Hey, lol, what happened to my score? I got a 301… 🙁

    Well, that was my first fight gone bad, and it was indeed terrible and bad. I used 20# DBs, the little boy’s box, the 2 pood KB?, empty bar, and I was lucky enough to use the rower (although, my technique was lousy and I couldn’t figure out how to do it).

    And once again, my buddies had a great time, thanks for putting up with our dumb dumb ness.

  2. Maiko says:

    Mehehe, no score sheet no posting!! Your 301 is MEANINGLESS~!!! bwahahah~! >=D

    I’m playing. I posted everything I was given last night and didn’t see your score sheet in the stack. =

    Pre-workout: jogging! It was so nice out I went for a little run. RunThere is telling me it was approx. 1.37mi. Then I worked on some double unders ’cause I’m a loser.

    workout: did significantly worse than last time but my back was getting too tight so I held back on the intensity. Used the 20# dbs for the thrusters, 55# for the push presses, and I think it was a 24kg kb for the SDHPs. The transition from SDHP to PP killed my back.

    Oddly enough, my scores for the SDHPs improved since last time! My PPs went down a lot though. Thrusters…well, suck. But I improved at the box jumps (did step ups as usual). Rowing was better too but most likely because I started there.

    Sure I have more to say but I’m drawing a blank…

  3. Steph says:

    Wow, did not go to class expecting FGB! I didn’t know we got the 2nd rower back and was thinking we wouldn’t do FGB for awhile with such big classes. Boy was I wrong!

    My 2nd FGB, first one was at PCF for the fundraiser. Started with the SDHP, finished with the box jumps. I was in the same heat with Maiko, Andraea, Sara and another person (sorry!), but I thought the dbs we used for the thrusters were 15#s. Maiko, did you grab heavier ones for yourself? The rowing sucked, took too long to get settled everytime. Thanks to Fatima for keeping my score 🙂

    I kept score for Fatima, and I have to say, I’m impressed. She has advanced really quickly since she started. Great job Fatima on your first FGB!! And she got stuck doing those sandbag lift thingies, I think those were worse than rowing!!!

    Maiko, hope your back feels better! We’ll miss you on Thursday 🙁

  4. Anonymous says:

    I burned off the Chipotle and Ice Cream I had before class. Thanks Tom.

    Andrea kept my score…I love Andrea…funny and supportive…she gets a lot of credit for my numbers.

    I wanted to row 🙁 Just to try it. It looked like fun. Next time.

    Slept great. No soreness yet. Yay!

    Cya Thursday.

  5. Kim-Kip says:

    I personally can’t imagine FGB is good for my body. I guess as an act of rebellion, my allergies suddenly kicked in high gear right after. 🙁

    And I think Tom messed up my score, cause I know I did more than 4 box jumps in the 3rd round; and am pretty sure I never did 15/14 push presses. 😉

  6. Fatima says:

    Thanks Steph! You really helped me get the extra 1 or 2 counts in. That workout may last me until Sunday since I will not make it on Thursday. The sandbag lifts definitely felt and looked worse than the rowing. But I still had a good time 🙂

  7. Maiko says:

    Steph ~ Back feels a lot better after Tom dug his elbow into it after class! But it’s still iffy, I just want this whole thing to be over. It’s almost been a year since the whole back thing started!

    Rhonda ~ Rowing sucks! I’m sure Tom will be using it more now that we’re back to two rowers. It would be nice to have a crash course on rowing technique though, I’m sure mine was fairly bad. Anyway, nice work on your first FGB 🙂

    Kim-Kip…ok, I feel bad but is your name Kim or Kip (or both?)? I’ve gotten one score-sheet in the past that said Kip and this one said Kim!! X_x

    As far as your score goes, the exercises weren’t listed on the score sheet so I have no idea what exercises corelates with Station 1, 2, 3, etc etc. Thus, Station 2 does not necessarily equal Box Jumps (unless they were the second thing you did in the circuit). But the stations should be in the order you went in. **This goes for everyone else who didn’t write down the exercises next to their scores (I’m assuming they match what was on the whiteboard, but I missed the whiteboard last night).**

  8. Kim-Kip says:

    Hey Maiko,

    My name’s Kim. But for a while Tom thought it was Kip, which I didn’t realize until Steph pointed it out to me. I kinda like Kip, so I didn’t bother correcting Tom until he realized his mistake recently. So, now I go by both. 😉

    And personally I love the rowing. I think it’s fun. I used that as my break during the FGB. 😉

  9. ppetersan says:

    Last night was rough, but I had a great time.

    Maiko: Im sorry to hear about your back. As you know, I am recovering from a back injury and, if you are intersted, I have a great chiro/sport therapist who is amazing. Let me know if you want his info.

  10. Maiko says:

    Aahh, ok that makes me feel better. I blame Tom for the name confusion! lol That’s kinda like how I don’t correct ppl who mispronounce my name for months, it’s funny lol

    Now that I think about it…now that we have more rowers, maybe a 500m row (for time) will be in our near future? Those suuuuuuuuuuuck.

    Oh, forgot to mention the Thrusters! I went with the 20# b/c I saw they were aligned with the 55# PP bar and the 24kg KB (standard weight for women). Took me a couple of seconds to figure out which set of DBs to use though, and I probably should have went with the 15#!!!

  11. Chris W says:

    Kim- Are you sure Tom thought your name was Kip before, or was he just urging you on in pullups?

    I am hilarious.

    Maiko you were an awesome partner, thanks. Sorry if I was a lame cheerleader, but I was a little reluctant to push you to do more because you looked like you were in injury pain, versus standard, healthy FGB pain. I hope you get through this soon.

    I did rower, 20s thrusters, tall box step-ups (which at my height is a stretching excercise as well) and 65# pp. And not sure which KB.

    I moved some carbs to the post-WOD meal and had Dinner Gone Good: some sweet potato with macacdamia butter (4 blocks fat in a half a tablespoon, wow)

  12. Maiko says:

    Peter – Dude that would be great!!! If not for this problem, then definitely for future injuries!!

    Chris W – man, no worries about not cheerleading much~ I think I would have snapped given the whole back thing (and yes I have snapped badly in class before – sorry tubs!!! =( )

    Cheering on people during FGB is tricky. Someone, who I won’t name because he doesn’t come to class these days, **coughJONCHRISTIANRUTYNAcough**, snapped at me and told me to shut up during FGB once, hehe fun times

    So this is the 20th time I’ve seen sweet potato pop up in all the crap I read…me thinks this is a sign from the gods! But I’ve never seen macadamia butter before. Where’d you find that at?

  13. chris w says:

    Ha…”shut up.” Glad we averted an actual fight.
    Mac butter: most natural food stores, Whole Wallet. Maybe Trader Joes, not sure. Near the Natural peanut butter and almond butter etc.
    A little goes a looooong way toward cranking up the calories, so be warned. I use a little as the fat with oatmeal or spaghetti squash, sweet potato. Great stuff for people doing multiple x fat, which I am not at the moment

  14. Anonymous says:

    My second FGB experience can be summarized by my statement shortly after finishing the final round: “I can’t see.” Seriously, though, any time I can say something like that after a CFDC workout I know it was pretty good.

    Thanks Maiko for the rowing tip. Won’t forget it. By the way, I appreciate my scores being posted next to Chris S.’s. I only got smoked by 90 points. YES!

    – Scott

  15. Sara says:

    This was my second FGB and I managed to crush my last score by 44 points. This was a good workout for me cause it showed me that I am progressing. However, I also realized that I used the 45lb KB for SDHPs since it was the one in front of the box I was using and I did not know what the Rx was for it. I used the 15# DBs for thrusters after losing some time trying to figure out if I was suppose to use the 15s or 20s. I definitely did much better on the push presses than last time.

    I also did a short block run as pre-class warm-up to loosen up the muscles and then stretched.

  16. edgy reggie says:

    This was another FGB for me (I’ve done quite a few, but I lost count). My score was…okay. I have done better in the past, but I’m not fretting over this score (one of these days I will break 300 in Fight Gone Bad).

    Hey, good days, bad days… 🙂

    I did FGB as prescribed (or Rx’ed in CrossFit jargon): 20# thrusters (not as easy as it sounds), tall box (was it 22″?) for the jumps (and step-ups…when my right knee talks, I listen), 32kg kettlebell for the high pull, 75# push press, and the rower.

    Ahhhh, the rower…my downfall for the past three (or four) Fight Gone Bads. It’s tough to get into that damn contraption and start rowing when one’s (big) feet aren’t even belted down (and I lose precious seconds). I know that my technique isn’t exactly the best either. But I think for the next Fight Gone Bad, I would like to start with the rower.

    To all of the newbies to Fight Gone Bad, I say “Great work…but this will be revisited.” 🙂

    @Maiko: *cough* Mr. Rutnya’s *cough* *exact* quote to you during FGB was (if I recall correctly) “Shut the (bleep) up!” But you are correct about how cheering can be tricky. I’m sure that there were some some who wanted me to shut up last night. 🙂 Also, wasn’t it perfect timing when Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” played during the workout? 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB…wants some tire flipping (what does a brutha have to do to get some?)!