April 8, 2009
April 15, 2009

Photo courtesy of CrossFit

Check out Maiko at the Level 1 certification in South Brooklyn!

While I was off doing the Barbell cert with Coach Rip, the rest of the crew got a STEVE O SPECIAL!!! Proving once again to be as tough a coach as he is an athlete, Steve dreamed up a simple workout:

100 pullups
only, you had to do 10 burpees every time you came off the bar, or even paused. I’m a little jealous I never thought of that.



  1. Maiko says:

    Simple is best, no doubt! What happened Thursday??

    I just got online for the first time since Thursday night and saw the group photo on the CF main site. I had the most biggest smile on my face, seriously. Excellent experience, top notch trainers, well worth saving up $$ for. And this is coming from someone who’s been with CFDC for damn near three years now. I will absolutely cherish this past weekend in NYC.

    PS, CF South Brooklyn’s box is just freakin AWESOME.

  2. Maiko says:

    oh, and why is it that the person who’s been away from CFDC for days is the only person leaving comments? Come on now!

  3. Tom Brose says:

    You missed us? No one else can actually use thier arms to type after the Steve O workout? We are helpless without you?

  4. Maiko says:

    pfft, wusses…100 MORE BURPEES NOW!!!

    how was the Barbell cert? Get a lot of learning (and Texas humor) during the two days? I’m still freakin sore from doing Fran Saturday.

  5. Sara says:

    Maiko – Maybe we all just want to forget thursday. HEHE. Actually it wasn’t tooooo bad. We did

    – a church run,
    – 15 overhead DB lunges each side (overhead step-ups for me)
    – 10 burpees.

    AMRAP in 20 minutes.

    as a finisher we did tabata sit-ups withthe rest point holding at 45 degree (so no rest).

    @Tom B – Apparently Steve forgot to mention the warm-up which was a workout in itself.

    I started doing the pull-ups with the jumping option of 6 rounds of
    – 25 Jumping pull-ups
    – 10 Burpees

    but jumping pull-ups hurt my knee so switched after 2 rounds. I made it to 86 pull-ups before my hands were too torn up to do anymore. I have no idea how many burpees I did but it was probably close to 200.

  6. edgy reggie says:

    @Maiko: Yup, I am a grade-A wuss. 🙂 I admit it. I own it.

    @Sara: Good job on the recall from Thursday.

    I have to concur with Sara’s comment about Steve O.’s warm-up yesterday (it was a workout). He’s been getting a bit sadistic on us, don’t you think? 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…all burpee’d and pull-up’ped out.

  7. Henry says:

    Congrats on getting your cert Maiko. I am sorry I missed the Steve O special–have to try that one.

    Meanwhile, some prs for the whiteboard:

    C&J: 102.5 kg (!)
    Fran: 3:20
    FGB: 311

  8. Henry says:

    Oh, and one more pr:

    Press: #160. Really psyched about that one as it’s been a long time for a pr on the press!

  9. Sara says:

    I forgot to say that the church run was just out the court entrance, down the stairs go left around the church and run up the alley that leads to the church parking entrance (and balance). We were not allow to go thru the parking lot.

  10. Monica says:

    …Just regained the use of my arms this morning…actually they are still sore…I never thought I would be happy to do a burpee; probably did about 150ish, not really sure.

    I love working out with tough chicks like Steph and Ami. We attempted the kips all the way through; it felt good to get some form work here, which quickly led to exhaustion. But I felt it big time in my Lats afterwards so hopefully doing something right. I went to cook after the workout and could barely grip the knife…Luckily, I still have all my fingers…yay!

    The warm-up was:

    3 Rounds
    Shuttle Run
    15 BW Squats
    Bear Crawl (cross court and back)
    15 push-ups
    Crab Walk (cross court and back)

    Theme of the day = tough!

  11. Chris w says:

    Good work, cert attendees.

    Yes, brutal warm-up Sunday. My bearcrawl sucks.

    Great workout. Was disappointed not to string together more in the first few sets (10 and 11 at the first two, I think, and down to 8 for most sets til the end, last two were 6 and 3). But pleased to know I can do 100 pullups in a session.

    Must have done somewhere between 120 and 140 burpees.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Holy Cow…150 burpees!! I thought Alex was evil. Tom, don’t get any ideas.

    Maiko, congrats and you’re super amazing. You’ll be leading class soon.

    Been working nights lately. Hope to see everybody next Tuesday.


  13. SaltyHat says:

    Once again, a Steve O. workout leaves me sore but happy.

    and yes, the Warm-up was a workout – the mere fact that it had be cut down from 4 rds to 3 should say plenty. The full-length crab walks were particularly nasty. Finished the workout with 60 burpees I think (30-20-15-10-7-13-5; lost my grip on the 7). My arms are still shot.

    Maiko: congrats on the Cert AND Fran!

  14. Justin says:

    Wow. That burpee/pullup workout is awesome. Going to have to do that one sometime.

    Here are some whiteboard PR’s for me too:

    Press: 150#
    Fran: 5:28 (why does anyone ever do this workout?!?)
    C&J: 80 kg
    FGB: 308

  15. Maiko says:

    Thanks guys!! =D And Fran…oh Fran…you make me tired just thinking of you. *sigh*

    Rhonda I was wondering where you were! How am I suppose to get my law firm gossip without you?? =P

    Still catching up on a few things, so I will tackle the Whiteboard tomorrow. Keep posting PRs!!! (and big thanks to those who continue to post them)