June 8, 2009
June 16, 2009

Two workouts to review! Tuesday began with some PVC drills and an abbreviated Burgener warmup, preparing everyone for the POWER SNATCH. Once we got moving, the strength segment of class was to work up to a 3RM Power Snatch. Focus was on form and using the HIP EXTENSION to generate power, NOT THE ARMS! Get it? Legs, not arms. Finisher was a 10 minute Cindy (5 pullups/10 pushups/15 squats).

Thursday we continued working on generating hip power, but with the DB Clean. Once we were warm (not that hard in a humid gymnasium) and reviewed all movements, the workout was set:

7 rounds for time
7 DB squat clean thrusters
21 situps
Run (approx 250 M)

Nice work by Steph finishing first, with speed demon Fatima hot on her heels. Finally, I made sure to end the session with some hamstring and hip flexor stretching.



  1. Maiko says:

    *squeal!!* a new entry!!!

    You guys looked pretty wretched after the workout yesterday. I felt kinda bad for just doing Front Squats in the nice, AC’d training studio. You should have let everyone just lay on the floor after the cool-down stretch Tom!! =P

  2. Sara says:

    It was pretty bad. I think I was still dripping sweat for 30 minutes after class. Almost got sick during the runs. I am actually glad that I couldn’t find 30lb dbs (although the cleans did seem pretty easy with the exception of the sweaty palms). I still need some serious work on running. I am soooooooooooooooooo slow when it comes to running.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and see you all on Sunday. Steph and Chris – hope your having fun in Paris.

  3. edgy reggie says:

    Tuesday (9 June): I did eight (8) rounds of Cindy and a 3 RM snatch at 141#. For Cindy, it was fun to work in with Sara, Ami, and Steph. They really inspired (and motivated) me to work harder.

    I had to miss Thursday’s workout, but I did go to yoga that night. 🙂

    @Maiko: I really miss your timely blog entries. 🙂

    @Sara: It’s you’re (as in “you are”). 🙂 But — given the time stamp of your comment — I will cut you some slack. 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…happy about his 100kg x 5 front squat (a new PR…and yes, the thighs were past parallel) and his 405# x 3 deadlift.

  4. Maiko says:

    daaw thanks Reggie!! =D And congrats on your PRs!!

  5. Sara says:

    So I apparently posted something but forgot to hit the publish button.

    Reggie – you are correct… I usually do know the differnce bettween your and you’re. LOL Shhhh… don’t tel my mom she was an english teacher.

    Congrats on your PRs… I would like to get some more of those. I got a new 500m row PR at 154.7 on Sunday (many many thanks to Trip for helping me) I guess the 85lb power snatch for 3 was a PR too. since I’ve never really done them at all before.

  6. edgy reggie says:

    @Maiko & @Sara: Thanks ladies, but I ain’t done yet. 🙂 There is definitely more to come…so stay tuned.

    I guess I should add that 1:37 is a PR for me on the 500m row — but that’s only because I never timed myself for a record on that exercise before. 🙂

    Oh…Sara, my mother is a (retired) English teacher as well. 🙂

    NOTE: Watch this space for my debut blog at http://odbxfitdc.blogspot.com/

  7. Sara says:

    @Reggie – Yep My mom is retired now too. Her second career is working for a charter school as a educational consultant. She does workshops for teachers and stuff like that

  8. Maiko says:

    so what the hell did you guys do on Sunday anyway?

  9. Fatima says:

    We worked on Deadlifts. I think it was 5-5-3-3-3
    And then 500 meter Row for PR.
    rest approx 2 min
    3 minute burpees
    rest approx 2 min
    3 minute of DB thrusters

  10. Maiko says:

    Thanks Fatima!!!

    I was wondering if you guys were going to do thrusters. I was guessing either those or SDHPs or even Wall Ball shots. Something that involves the entire body.

    I’m still sore from doing f%ckin Cindy Sunday morning!!!