July 3, 2009
July 17, 2009
CrossFit Games 2009 Affiliate Competition…next year we will be there!
(photo courtesy of CrossFit.com)

Thanks again to Alex and Steve for providing excellent coaching and brutal workouts while I was off in Cali.

Tuesdays workout was formatted to be a team WoD similar to the affiliate competition in Aromas. Teams of either 3 or 4 were to complete all reps of an exercise before moving on. How the reps were split up was up to them, so for once you could actually get away with working your strengths.

[exercise ( team of 3 reps/ team of 4 reps)]
Thrusters (75/100)
Situps (200/250)
Squat cleans (75/100)
Burpees (100/125)
Deadlifts (100/125)
Pullups (100/125)
Squats (250/300)



  1. Jade says:

    I was working with Steph and Sara, which was awesome because they provided great coaching and encouragement. I struggled on the squat cleans, which I expected, but I actually performed decently on the deadlifts. The weight was a big increase for me, so I was proud to be able to lift it at all! I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because my body was so exhausted, but it was worth it!

    Thanks again to Sara and Steph for being great teammates!

  2. Sara says:

    As Jade mentioned. I worked with her and Steph. We had a great team. I want to congratulate Jade on all her PRs with the weights. You did great! Welcome to the big girls club. Now that you joined… don’t shy away 🙂

    And ofcourse Steph was awsome as well. She always gives every workout 110%.

    I had a good time working with these two ladies.


  3. Maiko says:

    Well…I had a great time getting home and going to bed at a decent time! mehehehe…

    I can’t believe another year has gone by as far as the Games go! I’m sure next year will be crazy. Maybe they’ll have qualifiers for the affiliate teams too?

    PS – WHERE’S MY PIE!??!


  4. Maiko says:

    Tom, what’s going on in this pic from the Games? (pic)

  5. Steph says:

    That was one tough but great workout! We used 65lbs for the thrusters, 85lbs for the cleans and 135lbs for the deadlifts. I think our strategy was just to go until tired and let the next person go. I noticed that a couple of the guys teams went the each person do a certain rep and then switch route.

    Jade’s determination on the cleans were inspiring and definitely helped me push myself harder. Thank you! And congrats on hitting new PRs. And I was jealous watching Sara do her deadlifts, they looked perfect.

    Great class! Let Thursday’s class be just as good!!!!!

  6. Tom Brose says:

    Great work as always, Jade stepped up the weight and really did well. Glad it was fun.

    Maiko, for the Final WOD all the judges were required to be above the bar for counting pullup reps. So I’m in position to watch Crystal McRenolds from CF Central in Austin.

  7. Maiko says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah I see. That makes sense. I couldn’t figure out what was going on (or why someone would take a picture of it)!!

  8. edgy reggie says:

    One more comment about the Games: Recently, Tom A. and I were wondering why there was not a Masters (age) category for the Games. Last night, I had a similar discussion with Mark (Crick). Who would we need to contact to make this happen?

    Let’s be honest: The Games are a young(er) person’s competition. If a twenty-nine year young person competed with a forty-year young person (and ceteris parabis with respect to height, weight, endurance, and strength), chances are better-than-average that the younger person would win (due to the fact that the younger person can recover quicker). Your thoughts?

    Having stated the above, I was on a (great) team with SaltyHat, Henry, and Justin. Our decision for each exercise was to go until tired (or until one’s body said “Stop!”). On some exercises (mainly deadlifts and sit-ups), I was able to do more than my “share.” On others (specifically pull-ups), I wasn’t…but my team “carried” me (so to speak). But considering that I was the oldest member on the team… 🙂

    Thanks to Chris, Justin, and Henry for the great effort (as always) and teamwork.

    The weights we used were 95# thrusters, 134# squat cleans (which took me a few reps to get into a “groove”), and 225# deadlifts.

    Still, it was a good workout.

    CFDC’s own ODB is…still on the Zone (and trying to get his co-workers to walk away from the honey buns…and cigarettes…but it is a losing battle).

  9. ppetersan says:

    Hey Reggie – I think you have a point with having a master’s category, but I was watching some of the videos from the games and one of the teams that placed top 10 in the affiliate competition said they had an average age of 37 (I think.)

    I won’t see you guys tonight due to a work conflict. See you next week.

  10. Rob says:

    This was a surprisingly hard workout for me. The main reason is that Tom, AC and I decided to go “heavy” at 95/135/225. I thought Tom and AC did a great job on the weights. I tried to help out more on the bodyweight stuff, and it seemed to kind of even out at the end.

  11. TomandAmi says:

    I worked with Rob and AC – same weights as Reggie’s group – good strength and met con mix.

    I hear you Reggie on the Master’s point – it would be interesting to have an opportunity to get my ass kicked by others in some higher age group (over 40?, over 45?, 50?). Gives you a different barometer of where you relatively. That said I liked competing in the qualifiers and the Hopper Challenge against every one even if I was really just competing against myself. I would like more opportunities to do things like the FGB, Hopper or Qualifiers throughout the year.

  12. Maiko says:

    The age thing has been discussed on the boards for sure, I tend to steer away from those types of convos ’cause you get those hardcore “NO EXCUSES YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO HANG WITH EVERYONE ELSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLASSES/DIVISIONS/WEIGHTS IN REAL LIFE etc etc” Especially when someone goes into the no divisions in “real life” bit. That just pisses me the hell off (I’ll spare everyone my reasons). I don’t think people should view things like age or height as an obstacle, and that is not the case with wanting a masters class at all, but I don’t care for the “blind eye” approach by most people on the CF forums either. Hope I made sense with that last sentence.

    Long story short, it would be nice to see how people perform compared to others in the same age group, etc every now and then(even though we all know that Jeff T. would just dominate everyone in the Masters group).

    Last thing…looks like CF BWI is going to be holding another Hopper Challenge this year! Helluva lot more laid back than the games or qualifiers, so…LET’S GET SOME MORE OF THE LADIES COMPETING THIS TIME AROUND!!!!

  13. Sara says:

    When is the Hopper at BWI going to be? Do you know?

  14. TomandAmi says:

    The BWI Hopper Challenge is fun – that is the type of event I wish there were more of throughout the year – its fun to compete and it brings the community together more than once or twice a year for qualifiers and games.

  15. Maiko says:

    Not date yet, but if it’s like last year it’ll be a Saturday in early October. I wish we’d have more competitions like this too.