July 15, 2009
July 20, 2009

Summer heat in full effect! Time to work hard and fast, get done and out of the gym!

Workout was a spinoff of Fight Gone Bad, same format but with two substitutions: SDHP replaced by Hang Power Clean (props to Robb Wolf for that idea) and the rower subbed out for Double Unders. Now, I am not a big SDHP fan, and think this option is much better. I do love the rower, but DUs presented a pretty good challenge (although a score shifter for sure). Thoughts?

Also, great to have Francis back in class, and Semaje who just did the level 1 Cert, and will be training with us until he is stationed in Germany in the fall.

Finally, a few pics from the games: Glory Dawson from BWI (placed 22nd overall), and Danielle who represented DC so well, and finished 37th. Also, Jeff T and Maggie from Fairfax with Kyle Maynard.



  1. Sara says:

    This workout was fun…. but man was it hot in that gym. I struggled a bit with the box we used for the box jumps. It was a bit high for me to step up on but I was sooo tired from the heat that I couldn’t jump.

    My strengths on this were of course the cleans and the push presses. Both felt pretty light when doing them. I am proud that I was able to string together some double unders here and there.

    @Reggie – are you going to balance tomorrow for some olympic lifting?

  2. Maiko says:

    While I didn’t do the workout I’m fine with SDHPs when using KBs of course. I waste a lot of time balancing the weight when I use a barbell. No comments on the DUs, or at least I don’t have a valid comment since I didn’t do the workout.

  3. edgy reggie says:

    This workout would have been more fun…if the outside temperature was seventy degrees Fahrenheit. 🙂 Nothing kills your energy levels quite like a hot, humid gym with poor air circulation.

    I truly struggled on the double-unders…to the point that I just gave up on the third round (“regular” jump rope didn’t count in the scoring; why waste what little energy I had left?) Not being able to do them has a lot to do with my low score.

    The cleans were an interesting substitution; though, I am aware that I drop my elbows when I get fatigued.

    All-in-all, it was a good workout…even though I still have a lot of work to do with respect to double-unders (and kipping pull-ups).

    CFDC’s own ODB…will be at Balance Gym around 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 18 to do some Olympic lifting.

  4. Maiko says:

    OK, looks like the BWI Hopper Challenge will be on Oct. 17th (Saturday).

    And what’s up with the 3 comments? You got a workout with cleans and DUs, a question about the substitute exercises, a pic of two lovely ladies, and there’s only 3 comments??

  5. TomandAmi says:

    It was a great work-out though the heat did suck. I am there at the Hopper Challenge assuming my other lives do not intercede.

    Did I say props to Maiko (the Original Maiko) for the blogging – one suggestion reading on a black background is sometimes tough depending o the font color – of course it could be my tired eyes.

    I am thinking of doing an Oly class in Chesapeake, VA first part of September if it is not too far.

  6. Sara says:

    I am pretty sure I am there for the hopper challenge.

    Reggie – I think I will see you around 2-2:30 today.

  7. Henry says:


    I’m curious, why don’t you like SDHP as an exercise?

  8. Maiko says:

    Ooh blog feedback! Oddly enough the old gray background was bothering my eyes and I chose a darker gray (that comes out black on almost every other computer I’ve been on except my laptop). Maybe it’s time for a lighter bkg color?

  9. Sara says:

    I actually like this color much better than the grey background. I had a hard time reading it then.

  10. Tom Brose says:

    Maiko, I always apreciate your work on the blog, and I like this background.

    Henry: the SDHP just doesnt seem to be conducive to teaching what is meant to. I’ve watched a lot of videos and almost never seen it done well within a metcon WoD. In and of itself, its “OK” but I think the fight to get it done well is futile, and I would rather spend the effort on something with better return. The SDHP is used to teach the sequence of hip extension->shrug->pull, but usually ends up as early hip rise->arms bend->back extension. By the time its corrected enough to relate to a clean (the intent), I think you could have just taught the clean!

    Now in the case of FGB, it is used just for the metabolic effect from a long line of movement and multiple joints in action. Add to this, its cycles quickly and smoothly. Still, I think it degenerates too quickly. Also, I think the Hang Power Clean is more explosive, taxes the grip, and finally fits into the movement pattern of MMA (which FGB was designed for) better. The last point really is near irrelevant, as most CFers will never be in the ring/cage etc. Out of 16 people that ran through on Thursday night, only one actually participates in a combat sport. Still, I think that the HPC is a better overall movement.

  11. Semaj'e says:

    Damn,,,A year ago, I was so excited about being introduced to CF my energy and fatigue survived an entire FGB WOD. (afterwards, I couldn’t breathe for three hours but still survived the WOD =o) Now, that posture and corrected methods are applied for doing each exercise (rep) correctly I can thoroughly see my weak points and note some improvements. While I must admit I was frustrated with my weak score I was happy to string together DU’s and at least recognize mistakes immediately that Chris and Tom pointed out. Fatigue+heat=sucks to the 3rd power. (HEAT)an Awesome variable to regular comfortable training, it surprised a lot of us. I did recognize the older gentlemen playing basketball in that humid environment, my workout was like what 17 minutes. lol