August 3, 2009
August 7, 2009

Power Clean and Jerk
6 sets, working up as heavy as possible
3 Cleans and 2 Jerks

I think you can tell I like workouts like these, as I get pretty riled up coaching. Great to see people continually getting stronger. I noticed Zach power clean 220, and just miss the lockout overhead. Next time JERK it, not push press! We’ll have to practice that. The ladies broke into the triple digits as well- nice work!

Finished with a little simple team met-con.
10 Minutes AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 Box Jumps
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Situps



  1. Steph says:

    Worked mostly with Maiko H. and Sara, they both put me to shame on the clean and jerk. Sara finished with 105lbs and Maiko @ 100lbs. They both made it look easy, especially Maiko who’s only been doing CF for how long? Only got up to 95lbs myself and failed on the second jerk. The cleans weren’t hard, although I should’ve used chalk as my grip was going, but the jerks at 95lbs were tough!

    For the metcon worked with Sara, Maiko and Doron. We finished our 5th round with 10 seconds left on the timer. Great effort by everybody on my team, once again especially Maiko who was jumping the box even with a bad ankle.

    Looking forward to class on Thursday but not to the heat on the court.

    P.S. Nice to see John coming back after disappearing for months!

  2. Sara says:

    As Steph said I worked with her and Maiko and I got up to 105. I definitely feel I could have gone higher (at least on the cleans, not sure about the jerks).

    Steph we didn’t put you to shame. you jerked 95 lbs. You’ll break 100 in no time. Plus you smoke me and most of the ladies on all metcon workouts.

    Nice job to Maiko as well. You are a natural. Makes us all jealous and definitely inspires us too.

    Before the metcon I wanted to test to see if I could jump the box Steph picked (I push her with strengh, she pushes me with metcon) and on the swing up with my arms jammed my thumb into the box (no confidence with that box yet). Anyway started by jumping but felt I wasn’t getting far enough on the box so switched to stepping. I will get there one day.

  3. edgy reggie says:

    I worked out with SaltyHat and Zach — both of whom pushed me (in a friendly competitive way) to (power) clean-and-jerk 75kg (which is about 165#, a personal best for me) and put me to shame [because both of them cleaned 100kg with no problem…ahhhhh youth! :-)].

    But — with the clean-and-jerk — I realize that I am closer to my goals of obtaining a 100kg snatch and a 100kg clean-and-jerk. Time and hard work will take care of the rest. Stay tuned.

    For the met-con, Patrick joined out group, and we were able to bang out four rounds in the alloted time. Unfortunately, I have no confidence in my jumping ability (at a certain height); thus, I did step-ups on the box that Chris, Zach, and Patrick used.

    “Good times/These are the good times…” 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB…may be doing some additional training with Maiko (D.) and Sara tonight (5 August).

  4. edgy reggie says:

    Here are a couple of links to the 2009 Dulles Plane Pull:

    The Plane Pull will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at Dulles Airport. Each team consists of twenty-five members, and the minimum donation is $1000 (or $40 per person) which goes to Special Olympics.

    Are we (CrossFit DC/Balance Gym) down for this?

  5. sara says:

    Reggie it will be fun to have you join us tonight (and of course anyone else who would like to is welcome.

    I am down for the airplane pull. Sounds fun. Can we get 25 people?

  6. SaltyHat says:

    Power Cleans & Push Jerk: 7rds ending with 100kg.

    4 rounds of the metcon with Reggie, Zach and Pat.

    Nice to see so many new faces last night. Hoping this is a trend that will continue.

    Keep your eyes peeled for more info on FGB IV to be held at Balance on Sept 26.

    (and yea, I would be up for a plane pull – I wouldn’t think getting 25 people together to pull a 727 a total of 12 feet would be that hard – not from our group of crazies)

  7. Jade says:

    Sounds like the workouts have been great! Zach and I will both be in class tomorrow and then we’re leaving right after to start driving to Wyoming! Yikes!

    P.S. I’d think we’d be able to do the plane pull.

  8. Alex says:

    I have never been so sore in my life. Talk about out of shape.

  9. Tom Brose says:

    Alex, it will get better! The soreness will ease up, and you’ll feel much fitter. Make sure to drink your water. See you soon.

  10. Maiko says:

    Just droppin in to thank Sara for joining me last night for a workout! And Steph for picking the workout of course 😛 You were missed Reggie!!

  11. Sara says:

    Maiko – You and I think alike. I to was just dropping in to say thanks for the great workout. Steph – you picked a good one. Reggie – you were missed. Maybe to can make it next Wednesday.

    Hope you all have a good time in class tonight. I will see you on Tuesday.

  12. Steph says:

    Oh nice, you did the one I picked 🙂 I feel loved.

  13. Dawn says:

    Hi Guys! This is my first CFDC blog post…I had to join the blog-nation though, cause im going through,CFDC withdraw!!! Cant wait to come back next week! I am at my parents in Winston Salem, NC, and finally started back C-fitting, after my 6 week hiatus (while in Asia). I ROCKED my first workout (by my standards anyway). It was 500M row, 21 burpees, 400M run – 3 rds. PURE HELL, RIGHT?? I had the 3rd best female time (even after eating pizza for lunch). 22:23. I bet our other CFDC girls woulda crushed the best female time of 21:14. The boy record was 13:14…i worked out with that guy….he was INSANE (16yrs old). SEE YOU GUYS TUESDAY!!!!!!!!

  14. Tom Brose says:

    Great job Dawn! Looking forward to your return.

  15. Maiko says:

    Damn Dawn, 22:23?? I’ve only done that workout once I I barely finished in under 28mins! Nice work!!! 😀

  16. Dawn says:

    I hope I only ever do that workout 1X in my life.

    Running, Burpees and Rowing….all three of my GOATS! They shoulda just thrown in 50 Double Unders….and called it “Hell on Earth” 😀

    I bet Fatima or Steph could crushed that workout…they are our CFDC “burpee princesses” and great runners!!!

  17. Tom Brose says:

    Dawn, everyone reading this wants you to stop coming up with ideas on how to make workouts worse. Hmmmm, “Hell on Earth”…

  18. Maiko says:

    I know steph didn’t time hers when she did it, but I wonder if we can convince Fatima to do it to see what she gets? I’m seriously curious now!