September 4, 2009
September 10, 2009

Work up to 5 heavy sets
2 clean+ 1 jerk (power cleans, push press or push jerk all OK)

Then we worked our way around the room giving everyone a chance to do their “best” Clean and jerk. Best was to be a balance of technique, improvement, and weight- not just going heavy!

Tom A: 185 looked easy, 195 was a no go. Needs to work on getting under the weight and elbows higher. Push press @ 185 looked light, there is strength to move a lot more weight!

Brendan; Great improvement, hit 165? With consistent footwork that will be really easy quickly. Also using all strength/ no drive to go overhead.

Sara: missed once, came back to hit 124 easily. Pulling the heck out of the bar, not getting under or elbows around at first. Got a little aggressive with the lift!

Chris W: Big improvement on the second pull, not sure of the weight.

Steve O: Sandbagged a little @ 205, but a good example of speed. Making the bar accelerate and look light is the key. I’d like to see Steve clean 275 by Halloween (gauntlet being thrown down)!

Reggie: Still muscling the weight, but notice how he makes himself do the front squat after? this will pay off in the long run.

Elliot and Brenda got to work on the basics, no cleans until the deadlifts and front squats are developed.

Met con
15 Min. AMRAP



  1. TomandAmi says:

    Liking the cleans – one lift I do not do much of on my own. There is definitely more of a premium here on technique and the mental part. Putting these elements all together with the strength component and, depending on the WOD the time/rep scheme, is the challenge
    What keeps me coming back and pushing myself.
    In this regard, my goal by year end (or sooner) is to hit all of the intermediate weights for lifting according to Rippetoe’s standards ( at 198 lbs. For the clean or power clean that would be 205. My biggest gaps as of now are with the squat 255 current with a 285 goal and the DL 288 current with a 333 goal. (I’ve got the bench 213 std v. current 225 1RM and press 146 std v. current 165 1rm.
    OK my gauntlet to myself down.

  2. Sara says:

    Hey Tom A – Thanks for posting Ripptoe’s standards. It gives me some goals to aim for with strength. I currently lie between the intermediate and advanced for all 5 of these lifts for adult women at 165lbs. My goal by my 2 year CF anniversary (next memorial day) would be to hit the advanced for each of at 165lb adult woman. except DL where I would like to hit the elite at that weight.

    I am currently at the following:

    Press – current 99.5lbs vs. Adv. Std. 102lbs

    Squat – Current 185lbs vs Adv. Std. 200lbs

    Bench – Adv. Std 146lbs. I don’t know my 1RM but can hit the intermediate standard of 113lbs for 10reps.

    Deadlift – Current 240lbs (expect 250lbs next attempt on DL 1RM) vs Adv. Std. 258 and Elite Std. 319 (my goal is 2x body weight by may which would be 320)

    Power Clean – Current 124lbs vs Adv. Std. 144lbs

    I enjoyed the workout on Sunday. Thanks to Tom B and Mike Choi for the tips on the clean technique.

    I got 7 rounds on the metcon using 94lbs for the PP/PJ and doing jumping pull-ups because I was on the pull-up bars against the wall.

    I also showed up to Winnie’s yoga class Sunday night and have a date with my foam roller this evening.

    Good work to everyone in class. Chris W. Nice job with your C&J. I think you said you hit a new PR.

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Sara, those are great numbers, you can hit a lot of goals soon. Tom A as well!

    I noticed the common theme in my commentary: good strength levels, need more practice in the lifts. So, that will be on the agenda!

  4. TomandAmi says:

    Wow Sara – impressive and insperational.

  5. Maiko D. says:

    Thanks for linking that Tom A., I completely forgot about that chart. I don’t know what my BP or Power clean 1RMs are but I fall within most of the advance standards. I missed the press by a single pound.

  6. Maiko D. says:

    Also, nice entry Tom B. I like the personal feedback/critique for each person.

  7. TomandAmi says:

    CrossfitDC got some strong ladies!

  8. chris w says:

    Thanks Tom, and Sara and Mike for pointers. 135 for me, a PR. I think now I could work up from there a bit, weight-wise. The form came a long way for me Sunday, and it was helpful that we did a lot of reps at a lower weight the Sunday before too.

    Also went to Winnie’s yoga. Holy Crap! That was rough, but seriously hip-opening.