September 10, 2009
September 14, 2009


2 sets Back Squat for max reps @ bodyweight
2 sets Pullups max reps
2 rounds of Fight Gone Bad

The Squats presented a few different challenges, but either way it contributed to he overall effect. For those who could not get high reps at their weight, this became more of a max effort segment. I didn’t want to scale it down to fit the rep range others would hit, because the need to squat heavier is clear. For others, this became an endurance challenge. Pullups and FGB are fairly self explanatory, just worse when your legs are shot.

Looking at the whiteboard I remember that Andraea hit a PR of 10 pullups! Steph is getting up near 20 as well. Lots of good effort all around!



  1. Jade says:

    This was a tough day for me. I ended up basically maxing out at my body weight on the back squats. I did 1 on the first attempt because I had to drop the weight on the 2nd. I ended up getting 2 reps on the second round. I haven’t been able to get down the kipping pull-ups, so I do a half-kip and half-dead hang. I can only do 1 of those. Hopefully I’ll get there!

    On the FGB segment, I had 72 on the first round and 68 on the second. That was an interesting way to end class. I started with the Sumo DLHP’s. Box jumps were the hardest for me because my legs were shot.

  2. Sara says:

    well let’s see I came in late and jumped in with the squats. I hit 6 @ 165 (a little more than bw) and then only got 2 and a negative on the second set. 6 is the most I have ever done in one set @165

    Pullups – I opted out of this one but did do a few reps of underhand kip to see the difference vs overhand.

    On FGB I got 85 on round 1 and 90 on round 2. I noticed that my kcals increase by a count 8 on rnd 1 over my last fgb and 4 or 5 on rnd 2. My SDHP are what suffered the most. I think I would prefer them with a barbell rather than KB

  3. Jade says:

    BW = 135 by the way

  4. Steph says:

    Apparently can’t do math after even just 2 rounds of FGB! Good thing there will be counters at the official FGB event.

    Legs are sore today from the back squats. Got 9 and then 7 on the bw squats.

    Should’ve been able to do 20 on the 1st round of pull-ups, but just kinda dropped off after 17. Tried to get to at least 18 on the 2nd round but after too much adjusting and regripping, hands slipped off anyway. Aiming for 20 next time!

    My FGB scores shouldn’t count cuz I couldn’t do the push-presses, did sit-ups instead. Started seriously icing the wrist after last night cuz I need it for the 26th! Box jumps are getting worse and worse, completely lost my ability to jump continuously, need to practice and get used to the smaller box again.

    Great effort by everybody last night! And congrats to Andraea on the kipping PR! 🙂

  5. Jade says:

    You know, we have our softball playoffs on the day of the FGB event. Unfortunate timing!

  6. Andraea says:

    Finally the kipping pull-up is clicking! It’s so exciting to see the number of them go up!

    I liked doing the squats last night, I’m sore today but it’s a good sore. I was surprised that I was able to bang out 7 BW squats. Taking the shoes off helped as I felt more stable without them. Shoulders need more work as those push presses did me in and I didn’t even do that many.

  7. SaltyHat says:

    vacation always feels SO good the first class back. Squats were at 205#; they felt pretty bad last night – I wasn’t breathing and my body was really loose and uncontrolled. Pull-ups felt a little better. The 2 rds of FGB sucked somethin fierce though. Of course, I suppose doing a few rounds of the bear before class wouldn’t have been much better (a la Steve O. – crazy man).

    And, for the record, much thanks to Zach for showing me the first no-hand back squat I have ever seen in my life.

  8. Monica says:

    Steph, you are a kipping machine!

    Andraea, you are inspiring me as I am constantly working on having the kip click for me too!

    We did the body weight squat thing last year sometime, and I remember it being really tough, but really rewarding to push yourself to the limit.

  9. Steph says:

    Tom, we should do the bear complex in class sometime! I’ve never done it!! I hear it’s brutal 🙂

  10. Steph says:

    And Mon, thanks :), but I am far from a kipping machine. Need to have Maiko D. show us what a real kipping machine looks like 🙂