September 11, 2009
September 16, 2009

Look out! Sara @ her CrossFit cert!

Strength focus:
7 sets of 3 reps
Push Press and Weighted Pullups

A few people ended up going to push jerks, which was fine with me as long as they were done well. Remember, a strong starting position is essential to lifting heavy. Learn to get comfortable with the bar high across the shoulders and elbows forward. Starting with the bar lower on the sternum puts the wrists in a bad position, and kills the transfer of power from the dip-drive movement.

I noticed Salty hit 198, and Ewunike get to 125! Frances and Sirat both got at least 75, and Dawn 95!

Metcon leg wrecker:
2 rounds
30 wall ball
1 lap walking lunges
30 KB swings
30 pushups
30 DB squat cleans
30 situps



  1. Sara says:

    had a great time at the cert. When Jenni Ore heard me say I wasn’t leaving till the evening today she said to stop buyer affiliate BGI North for a WOD. I did that tjismorning and now I am practically immobile. After fran pullups sat and pushups in Sundays WOD, I got treated to a WOD that. Included 5 rounds of 15 pullups and 25 pushups. My upper body is on fire today.

  2. SaltyHat says:

    Congrats on the Cert Sara; glad to hear you had a good (but rough) time.

    Not sure about anyone else, but my legs were just a little sore after last Thur (and by little, I mean ridiculously). As such, it felt great to tackle some upper body exercises on Sun. Hit 198#x1 on the push press after time ran out, and made it up to 35# on the pull-ups. For the metcon, used a 30# ball for the wall balls, 40kg kb for the swings, and 45# dbs for the cleans. The 40kg kb was a mistake which I realized only after the first round, but decided to stick with it for the 2nd round – unfortunately, it made for some slow and sloppy swings. Final time was 27 min and change.

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Extra credit! Ice baths are you’re friend. Did you pr fran?

  4. Chris W says:

    130 0r 135? on the push press with Chris R and Ewunike.

    best pullups sets were three reps with a 45# kettlebell on my foot, but it wasn’t full range of motion, as the bell rested on the floor for the first few inches. Then 2 reps at 35# with the belt rig.

    and then, yeah, leg wrecker indeed. Could barely walk off the court. Cleans were esp. brutal.

    Loved it.

  5. SaltyHat says:

    FYI – not sure if anyone else noticed the “new” link off the CFDC blog (as well as Balance Gym’s main page), but Blair has started a blog while he’s abroad which will cover his impromptu workouts and visits to European CrossFit gyms. So far, there’s some cool videos and one very sweet looking old-school oly lifting room.

  6. Sara says:

    sadly I did no PR on fran. I was in the last group to go and for some reason didn’t stick to my plan. Also towards the end I was so tired I kept losing my balance andhad to bail at the bottom of the thruster. I was only off my PR by 8 seconds. Next time I am for sub 8 min.

    That picture was taken about 15 minutes after I finished my Fran. Haha

  7. lengua says:

    Chris W., you got 135. I enjoyed that one, hit 150 and my shoulders don’t feel too bad today..not yet at legs and ass on the other hand feel like someone wacked me with a shovel. Ouch

    Exorcist Stairs in Gtown tonight at 6:45 if anyone is looking for a quick but good workout.

    Chris R.

  8. Maiko D. says:

    Congrat Sara! Now give your body some TLC! =P

    I guess they always take the group pic after Fran?

    I’ve been checking out Blair’s blog since he mentioned it on the CF Games website in a comment. I’m enjoying it, but man I wish I sounded half as smart as he does with his posts!!!

  9. REDVIKING1 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Sara!! I know you had a great time.

  10. Jade says:

    Salty, thanks for pointing out the link to Blair’s blog. I’ll definitely keep up with that!

  11. frances says:

    Congratulations Sara!!

  12. karim says:

    Good one on fitness and it helps a lot.

    Karim – Mind Power