September 16, 2009
September 21, 2009

The faces of Fight Gone Bad!

Tabata Fight Gone Bad, aka “3…2…1-Oh God!”

8 intervals at each station before rotating to the next exercise
Wall Ball
Box Jump
Sumo DL HP (KB)
Push press

Maiko–365 (she didnt record rowing, I estimated an average lower than the rounds I saw)
Mark M. -354
Zach–312 (almost 412, if not for the math re-check)
Jade- 302 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

Joanna and Erica scoresheets mangled!



  1. Steph says:

    Was that supposed to be tougher or easier than the real FGB? It didn’t feel much different!

    Started with wall balls, 12lb ball, then box jumps with the 24″ box, SDHP with the 45lb kb, push press with 20lb dbs, and lastly row. The row sucked big time!! Thank goodness I had Reggie there to call out time cuz I don’t think I could’ve made any noise besides “UGH!!” at that point.

    Great workout! Definitely made the rest day today more appreciated.

    Hope you enjoyed your b-day workout Jade!

  2. Jade says:

    I started on the rowing and luckily had Salty to call out the times. I made it through the other 4 workouts rather easily, but the Push Press was my last and definitely kicked my a$$. I did 5 calories a round on the row, 8 per round on the WB, BJ’s (don’t get dirty-minded), and SDHP’s. I did 10 per round on the Push Press.

    I could have done more, but I had a goal per each round and sometimes had more than 10 seconds each round. I’ll know better next time!

    Zach and I went out to dinner in Dupont after the WOD and I actually skipped the alcohol. If you know me, that’s huge! I’m officially getting old!

  3. Steph says:

    Where’s the picture of Salty? That was an ugly/funny one~~~~

  4. SaltyHat says:

    sorry, this is pretty childish of me, but I looked at the picture of Zach, and then I looked at this facial expression, and then I noticed the position of the kettlebell, and, well, altogether it looks to me like he just beaned himself in the family jewels.

    of course, that’s just my take on it…

  5. Tom Brose says:

    Salty, I have seen a kid do just that! now dont make fun of anyone, or I’ll post that pic of you!

  6. SaltyHat says:

    “yes, coach!”