September 25, 2009
October 2, 2009

When you come in and see a long warmup with PVC dislocates, Sotts presses and OHS, its either Snatch work or heavy OHS. We worked 5 sets of 3 Overhead Squats for the strength work.

Metcon finisher was “The Race is On”

5 DB manmakers
10 situps

First 6 people to 5 rounds were done, the next 5 had to do 6 rounds, and if you finished 13th on, it was 7 rounds. Efficiency is rewarded, although a few people went too light and got off easy. Salty decided to go for broke and went for 8 rounds just for fun.



  1. ppetersan says:

    I liked the workout on Tuesday. I used 25lb dbs which coach suggested, but should have gone heavier and I think Salty did 10 rounds, not eight. See y’all tonight.

  2. SaltyHat says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgment Peter – you are quite right, it was ten rounds using 45lb dbs. The biggest obstacle was keeping the round dbs in place while doing the push-ups and renegade rows.