October 19, 2009
October 26, 2009

3 rounds

With the option of getting in some barbell work, we pushed aside the originally scheduled workout (I’ll save that for another warm day). Still, it was too nice to stay indoors so we went out for a little squat review, then 4 rounds of bottom to bottom tabata squats.

Finished of with some partner CRAC stretching. That stands for contract, relax, antagonist contract, so get your minds right!

Always nice to have our favorite Hawaiian Crossfitter Katie back for a visit!



  1. edgy reggie says:

    I did 225# deadlifts with Tom A., Salty, and Zach. There were strong efforts all around from these gents. 🙂 I think my final score was around 162; I didn’t stop to get a picture of the whiteboard. If it is still available tomorrow (24 October), I will be sure to capture an image.

    It’s been a while since we have performed bottom-to-bottom squats, and I do miss them. This is one exercise where I will sacrifice numbers for form; in other words, I move slowly and concentrate on getting deep in the squat (“ass-to-ankles” you may hear me say).

    I missed the stretching part…well, maybe not because I got plenty of stretching from Winnie’s yoga class (highly recommended if you have the time and fortitude).

    “I gotta say/today was a good day…” -Ice Cube

    CFDC’s own ODB is…training the Olympic lifts tomorrow morning at Balance; come join him!

  2. SaltyHat says:

    Too bad we didn’t get to work out on Tuesday…

    As Reggie said, we used 225 for the DL’s. Not sure what my final count was; what I do know is that my hammies are tight. I enjoyed the short outdoor session – b2b squats are always a killer, and luckily for Brose, its one exercise where mis-timing makes things equally as bad.

    Daniel, if you read this, hope your back is feeling better. Nice work Man! (I’m guessing you didn’t jog home?)

  3. Nospmas311 says:

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  4. Nospmas311 says:

    No, I did not jog home. I’m doing better…60%. I was bed ridden on Friday and I walked the painful 100 steps to the Irish pub down the street for a pint tonight (turned into 3). Needless to say, my walk home was almost painless. I’m pretty sure I’m not coming in tomorrow but most likely Tuesday earliest.

    Also, my hammies were seriously worked, but not in a debilitating way.

    See you guys soon