November 11, 2009
November 17, 2009

Obviously, the key to Double unders is the HEADBAND!

Double unders: 50-40-30-20-10
DB Squat Clean Thrusters: 15-12-9-6-3

Sub for double unders=150 skips every round.

Congrats to Tom A., who hit a PR with 50 straight doubles on his first round!



  1. edgy reggie says:

    Fist bump to my “brother from another mother,” Tom A.! I’ve seen you work hard on your double-unders. Now I’ve got to stop jawing about it, be like Nike, and “just do it.” 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB…will be in Sunday’s class come hell or high water.

  2. Sara says:

    The DB CLeans seemed easier than normal with 25# DBs but my double unders were struggling yesterday.

    Nice job Tom A. on the double under PR.

    On a different note, Tom B. what do you have in mind for sunday? I have a brand spankin new pair of lifting shoes that need to be broken in a bit.

  3. Anonymous says:

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