November 20, 2009
November 25, 2009

Warmups included the Spider crawl, which will eep popping up until people “get”it, along with inchworms, bearcrawls and lunges. From there we went into Deadlifts, 3 sets up 5 moving up in weight. From there the main strength work was:
@ 70% 1RM (focus on bar speed)

Followed up with work on the rings, first getting comfortable inverted, the progressing to skin the cat. There is a lot of benefit to learning how to position your body in an unfamiliar setting, even (especially?) if you will never be “good” at the gymnastic side of things. I think its fair to say, the worse you are in that realm, the more even tiny sucesses will raise your whole game.

To round out Sundays training, we finished with a metcon burner:
50 squats /5 HSPU or 10 assisted HSPU or 25 pushups
40 squats/ 4 or 8 or 20
20/ 2-4-10
10/ 1-2-5



  1. Jade says:

    Geez…glad I was playing basketball instead!

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Playing on the rings is way more fun the basketball!

  3. SaltyHat says:

    I concur with Mr. Brose.

  4. Jade says:

    That could be true. Bring it on. I’m trying to live vicariously through myself these days.

  5. TomandAmi says:

    Fun class we should integrate a skill like that more often – similar to the HSPUs we did Tuesday. Good stuff. The lumberjack work out sounds good the 275 x 20 will crush me. Hope every one has a great Thanksgiving – we all have many things to be thankful for. See you all Tuesday. Going to check out Desert Crossfit..

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. John Frazer says:

    Chris W. and I worked with 200# for the deadlifts.

    Gymnastics work was fun.

    Squat/pushup circuit in a pathetic 11-something.