December 14, 2009
December 18, 2009

Tuesday we got a few people together for an early session in order to work in our special guest: Josh Courage. Josh is working on visiting as many local affiliates as he can this week, for a Metro area CrossFit Comunity report. Cool idea, and I was really glad to welcome him to train with us.

Strength work:
3×3 heavy strict press
We worked on breathing technique, as well as proper body mechanics.

The early group got the rowing option:
3 rounds
350 M Row
12 Claburpoo’s (better spelling?)

Regularly scheduled class tore through it with 30 box jumps in place of the rowing.

check out what Josh has to say!

…wait, you guys make fun of me?



  1. Monica says:

    Very nice review by Josh on the CrossFit DC family! Great video!

  2. Josh Courage says:

    Thanks for having me everyone. I’ll be sure to stop by as often as I can (I’m sure you’ll see me around the gym plenty!!)