February 17, 2010
February 22, 2010

With Tom off enjoying the sun in Miami for CrossFit’s FilFest, Steve O. took the helm of Thursday night’s class.

Appetizer: 500 Row for time – no explanation needed

Entree: 1 Rep Max Back Squat in 10min – with a partner, try to find your 1 rep max back squat while observing a strict 10 min time limit. The time limit forces you to evaluate your increments; jump too little, and you won’t be at a max weight; jump too much, and you’ll find yourself over the limit.

Dessert: 5×45:15 DL & Burpees – 45 sec of work, 15 sec of rest; one round consisted of both DL and Burpees, so everyone performed DL for 45 sec, then rested for 15 sec, then performed Burpees for 45 sec, and rested for 15 sec, before starting Round 2. Score was total reps completed through the 5 rounds. Who heeded Steve’s suggestion to “pace yourself?”

Row times, squat loads, and total reps are posted, but be sure to comment on your row (steady & constant or all-out and crash?), squats (max rep or gas left in the tank?), and finisher (weight used and pace or no pace??)

– Tom will still be in Miami on Sunday, so Steve will be taking over once again. Better yet: Sunday is Steve’s B-Day! (33). B-day workouts are something of a tradition at CFDC, but with Steve running his own B-day WOD, you can bet on a good workout. To wit, Steve left the class with these parting words: “Take Saturday off.” He’s either messing with our heads, or Sunday is going to be a real Birthday beat-down.



  1. ppetersan says:

    Good class last night, Steve. Thanks for jumping in.

    As instructed, here are my weights/thoughts:
    1. the row felt good but I started a little hot. My tempo was good throughout but the last 15 seconds were rough. With better pacing I can definitely get a better time;
    2. My weight for backsquat was 180. Definitely not my max. I spent too much time working up;
    3. Deadlift/Burpee was rough. My reps were 115. Because I don’t know what my max deadlift is and because I am still concerned (probably needlessly) about reinjuring my back, I went with 155 which was too light.

    Bottom line: I need to take the time to figure out my max weight on these lifts. Hope to see you all on Sunday.

  2. Chris w says:

    Is there an Elements Sunday? I have a friend of a friend I was going to bring along.

    Looks like it was a great class…And a 1:29 500? That’s a sick time, Chris.

  3. SaltyHat says:

    Thanks Chris, appreciate the nod. And yes, there will be a 9am Elements class on Sunday.

    As for class: like Pete, my row felt great right up until the very end where I crashed hard. This pattern then carried over into the squats, where I made too big of a jump (from 150kg to 170kg) and couldn’t stand up with the weight. The finisher went much better – used 225 for the DLs and finished with 145.

    Personally, I will be taking tomorrow off in preparation for Sunday.

  4. Sara says:

    So I think my row went pretty well. I tied my 500m PR but I think I had a much steadier pace than the last time I got 1:51.

    On the squats, I worked up to 200lbs. This was a 10 lb PR for me and yet I felt I might have had more in me.

    I took it easy on the DLs when it came to pacing. I worked at 185lbs. I finished with 91 reps. I think I averaged about 6-7 DLs per round. This was the 3rd high rep DL workout I’ve done in the last few weeks. That is why I took it easy.

    Overall I really enjoyed the class. I am sorry I will not be there this weekend to partake in Steve’s bday beatdown. I luckily dodged those on my birthday 2 years in a row.

  5. Sara says:

    P.s. Many thanks to Steve again for filling in during Tom’s absence. Great class!

  6. Dan Samarov says:

    Hi all, for those interested I was thinking of starting to run through some of the sectional wods from last year and this year in preparation for sectionals in March. Lemme know if you’d be interested and what days/times would or would not work best.

    Also, not sure if Tom has existing t-shirts, but I was thinking it would be neat to have crossfit DC/ Balance gym/balance crossfit t-shirts for sectionals… any thoughts?

    I’ll definitely be there for Sundays workout. Hope everyone is doing well!

  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. Tom Brose says:

    As usual, Steve delivers a great class. The birthday wod sounds like it won’t be so bad…

    Great times on the rows, and all the work.

    Dan, we are planning some sessions(scheduling soon) , and I have new tshirts in the works! Keep up the great work, see you all Tuesday!

  9. edgy reggie says:

    Thanks coach Steve O.! Any time you substitute for Tom, I expect a grueling workout from you. Once again, you did not disappoint. 🙂

    But it was a good one nonetheless.

    Row: I tried to maintain a powerful, steady, and even pull by using my legs more (thanks to SaltyHat and “Dan-imal” for the tip), but I do believe that I went “all out” on about the last 75 meters.

    Back squat: I worked out with Chris (SaltyHat), and I managed to work up to 150 kg. I have a feeling if Tom (Brose) were there, he would tell me “Deeper, Reggie, deeper” with respect to my squat depth. 🙂

    Deadlift/burpee: Since Steve prescribed a 45 second on-15 seconds off time frame for this workout, I approached the deadlifts similar to what I did (and was advised to do) at the Charlottesville SuperFit Games: I started with ten reps at 225 pounds; then, I tried to add five additional reps before time ran out. When I was getting tired (and, yes, I believe that I did pace myself), I started with five reps.

    Burpees? Never have been my “thing,” but I do them. I guess that I am getting better with respect to endurance, but it doesn’t feel like it when I’m doing this exercise. 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB…is getting back into his routine.