February 19, 2010
February 24, 2010

The Steve O Birthday Beatdown

As promised, Steve O led his own birthday WOD on Sunday in place of Tom who was making his way back from FilFest in Miami. Surprisingly, the workout was only a two-parter. Unsurprisingly, the first part was the infamous Steve O “Leg Matrix.”

This was followed by a 9 part chipper workout. The chipper balanced 33-rep body weight movements with 10-rep barbell exercises. After a nice warm-up of double-unders, the first 10 rep barbell exercise was The Bear, an exercise made up of 5 individual barbell movements. That set the tone for a blurry downhill slide through the remaining exercises.

Luckily, Steve was “nice” enough to video everyone’s suffering, so enjoy:

Tom will be back on Tuesday with lots of stories and ideas from FilFest. In the meantime, be sure to post weights used for the workout, as well as general thoughts and Birthday well-wishes (if you can ‘bear’ to!!)



  1. SaltyHat says:

    “bear to”!! Get it!?! Yea, I’m a tool, so what?

    Happy B-day once again Steve, and thanks for arse-kicker. Started a little behind everyone (I used the excuse that there were no ropes left, but really, I didn’t want anyone to see my DUs…) Used 135 for all the barbell movements, and almost made it through the bear without dropping, but the bar slipped out of my hands after the 9th rep as I was trying to readjust my grip. Not as sore as I expected to be today.

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Happy Birthday Steve, thanks for teaching both classes and setting the “bad Cop” standard high. Salty, expect the soreness to kick in by tomorrow AM. I really appreciate having such great people to rely on for CFDC. From the classes, to the blog, to paperwork and emails, I get a LOT of support, and I’m really thankful. Can you tell I missed you guys?

  3. Steph says:

    Holy sentimental Tom! :-p

    Really liked the workouts. Thanks Steve! 🙂

    Of course, the leg matrix killed me again, my legs are on fire, it probably didn’t help that I was too tired and couldn’t be bothered to stretch after class.

    Used 65lbs for the bear complex, had one come down pretty hard on my neck from the overhead to the back squat. I’ve got a nice bruise there now and Chris being such a nice guy keeps poking at it. I couldn’t hold on to the bar and had to drop it in the middle of my 7th rep. For the rest of the barbell movements I switched to 45lbs. Did kipping pull-ups and toes to bar.

    Thanks again Steve! We had a pretty big turnout yesterday in both the Elements and regular class 🙂

  4. edgy reggie says:

    …and what a beatdown it was! All I can say is that I’m glad Steve O. wasn’t my age (or worse, Tom A.’s age). 🙂

    Most everyone was dreading what Steve O. was going to prescribe for us on his birthday. As I mentioned in my comment for Thursday’s workout, Steve O. never disappoints us in that regard.

    Like a fool (or maybe not), I used 115 pounds for the barbell movements because I felt that 95 pounds would be too little (silly me) and that 135 pounds would be too much considering that I did the TOUGH/Love class at lululemon Georgetown and an Olympic lifting session with “Choizilla” (b/k/a Mike Choi) on the previous day.

    My double-unders were non-existent; I did the 100 skips. I made it through four reps on the bear complex; then, I had to drop it.

    I’m glad that I forced myself to do five weighted pull-ups after the Sunday and Tuesday classes because I was able to do ten strict pull-ups (chin-ups, actually) unbroken.

    For the barbell jump squats, I thought I had a good hold on the barbell for the jump portion. Not! The bar crashed down on my C7 vertebrae, and Steve advised me to skip it (thanks for the advice, but…). Not one to feel defeated, I picked up the Manta Ray, and placed it on the bar. That helped a lot as I was able to finish the jump squats.

    (Thanks to SaltyHat, Mark, and “Dan-imal” for having my back, so to speak and for helping me move the barbell. It didn’t go unnoticed by me, and I do appreciate the assistance.)

    By the time I got to the toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbow portion, I was whipped. But I managed to finish the workout.

    @Salty: Silly pun, yes; but, it doesn’t make you a tool. It was appropriate, and I did laugh at the statement. 🙂 Thanks for blogging while Tom (Brose) was getting his tan on in South Beach (though he will never admit this to us). 🙂

    Last night’s yoga class definitely helped alleviate the soreness; though as I am writing this comment, I am a little sore.

    CFDC’s own ODB…feels old.

  5. chris w says:

    Great workout. I don’t think the photo truly captures how bad I felt right after. I used 89something# and still put down the bear after 4 rounds. 45 for the squat jumps.

    Also, props to Salty for a great elements class, which was large, eight people I think. Nicely coached.

  6. TomandAmi says:

    F*&K(ng leg matrix – shit what does that do to the quads! Once I crawled through that the Chipper seemed doable then I got to the bears – oh you mena hold on to th ebar the whole time!? Any way made it through at 135 except for the OHS where I went with 95 lbs. It was fun though at the end.

  7. Sara says:

    I am sorry I missed the classes. Sounds like everyone had a blast. U am not sure at all how I would have done with this one. I would have had to modify the leg matrix and use a step instead.

    Looking forward to being back. I didn’t get a chance to hit up the CF near my parents.