February 27, 2010
March 3, 2010

Sunday morning kicked off with a little Snatch work. With a smaller than usual class, we approached this differently than I might at other times. After warmup reps, moved into a competition format, with everyone getting 3 attempts. What became quickly apparent is that the strength is there, but the technique has a ways to go. Nearly everyone power snatched, and ended up pressing out the weights. Expect to see lots of OHS and skill transfer exercises before we snatch again.

Once done with the lifts, we went to a “power Cindy”.
15 minute AMRAP
3 Clean and Jerk
6 Pullups
9 Pushups
12 Squats

At the same time across town, Tom A., Steve, Salty, and Ewunike were competing in Primal Fitness “DCs most Primal” challenge. The first event was a “floor to overhead” (everyone except Jim Beast Skills cleaned it, Jim went oldschool with the “continental”). I really liked the second event, combining parkour and sandbags. Unfortunately, Salty pointed out how someone could twist an ankle on the sandbag after the wall vault. In fact he mentioned it several times. guess who was the only person to do so? I’m not sure this wasn’t a ploy to get out of the last WoD to watch the US vs. Canada Hockey game,but still took him out of the competition.

The Final event was a 15 Min AMRAP of 300 M run/25 Double unders/ 10 Burpees. Josh Courage crushed this, almost finishing 7 rounds. Steve O pushed to finish his last round, getting the final 10 burpees finished in 10 seconds to seal a third place finish. Congrats! Also of note was Ewunike jumping in to compete with 2 days notice, and Tom A dusting off some spin moves he hasn’t used since high school.



  1. TomandAmi says:

    Thanks to Tom, Sara, Reggies et al. for coming out and supporitng us at the Primal Fitness Challenge. It was a fun event and well programmed. Great tune up for the sectionals and excuse to mingle with other local CF’ers.

  2. edgy reggie says:

    Yeah, my snatches need work…lots of work. I admit it. 🙂 I did snatches, pull-ups, and a couple of sets of bench presses (imagine that!) on the previous day.

    My right knee was bothering me (again); therefore, I opted to power snatch on both days; though, I did a few more full snatches on Saturday (Feb. 27). For Sunday: I was able to do 60 kg, but I bombed on both attempts at 65kg.

    For the met-con, I worked with Mark; we both used 60kg for the clean-and-jerk. But…as I got tired, I racked the weight less, and I had to tell myself to “dip-drive” on the push jerk as I was doing more strict presses at that point. Live and learn.

    It was a good workout nonetheless. 🙂

    @Tom A.: You’re welcome. It was a lot of fun being there and watching all of you compete (plus I got the chance to check out Primal’s “new” location). My voice became somewhat hoarse from all of the yelling. 🙂

    Props to Ewunike, Tom A., Chris (“SaltyHat”), Steve O., Josh, and Jim for competing.

    @SaltyHat: Hope that your ankle is better. 🙂 Remember: R.I.C.E. 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…resting up for tomorrow’s workout.

  3. edgy reggie says:

    My proofreading skills need work too…lol

  4. Sara says:

    Great job to all who competed at Primal and a big congrats to Steve and Josh. Way to not quit steve and finish your round with a second to spare.

    My snatch attemptsin class were:

    40kg – accomplished with a full snatch (something I always have difficulty with)

    45kg – got this with a power snatch. This was a new PR for me.

    50kg – I failed here. This may have been to bigs jump for me right now.

    I work with 45kg for the metcon and got 6 rounds. The push-ups slowed me down the most. I tried to make corrections on my cleans as Tom pointed out to me he would like to see me keep the bar a little closser to me on the pull. That will be my focus.

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  6. Josh Courage says:

    Thanks all the crossfit dc’ers, you guys rock! What a great showing at Primal!

  7. steve says:

    Thanks for all the support especially on the last workout. Couldn’t have finished without you guys motivating me through the pain.

  8. SaltyHat says:

    to echo Tom A, Steve and Josh, many thanks to everyone who came out to Primal to support and cheer (and maybe even nurse the incompetent…) It was definitely a cool event, it was awesome to see the CFDC/CouragePerformance/Beastskills crew kicking ass. Next Stop: Sectionals.