March 12, 2010
March 17, 2010


1 minute max reps seated press (45 Lb bar)
1 minute max reps jump squat (45 Lb bar)

Partner ladder met-con
10 Squats (each do 10, 9, 8 …1, partners alternating)
8 Pushups
6 Pullups
4 Burpees



  1. Chris R. says:

    Loved the format of Sunday’s workout. Good Stuff!

  2. edgy reggie says:

    Yeah, that was a good workout. The pre-exhaustion phase (seated presses and jump squats) along with the heavy push presses really did a number on my shoulders…in a good way.

    Thanks to Andrew and to Chris R. for spotting me on the handstand push-ups (HSPUs).

    Kudos to Andrew and Orlando for giving their all on the conditioning phase (great job gents)!

    CFDC’s own ODB…don’t need no water; let the ***** burn!

  3. SaltyHat says:

    I agree with the above: cool class set-up. Did strict press in place of the push press, which meant that the 1st part of the pre-exhaustion felt awesome. In actuality, it did feel good, especially after I administered a few doses of blunt-force-trauma-pain-relief…

    Many thanks to my teammates Chris and Mark, Sara and Ewunike, and Steph and Joanne, for letting me work in during the finisher.

  4. Steph says:

    Lots of good shoulder-and-arm work. Worked up to 85#s for the push press, which I believe is a PR. My shoulders and arms are ridiculously weak, which showed during the pre-finisher. I think I will definitely try to do the seated presses more often to see if I make any improvement, also felt the weakness in my core and lower back during that exercise.

    Thanks to Chris for helping Joanne and I finish the HSPUs, I don’t think anybody even noticed 🙂