March 15, 2010
March 19, 2010

Technique is paramount. Taking every session as a challenge to go heavier/faster/more doesn’t leave time to work on improving quality of movement. You can make some progress, but your major faults are reinforced, and your potential never reached. Tuesdays workout was not groundbreaking in its precision, but worked towards improving the lifts. Lots of progress was made.

Each set began with a halting dealift to reinforce the position the bar is pulled to before it is accelerated. We followed this with a clean pull, deadlifting the bar into position to be jumped up with straight arms. Finally, we added a hang clean. Each set had 1 halting DL, 1 clean pull, plus the prescribed clean reps:

Finisher was a recurring quick AMRAP of bodyweight movements.
6 minutes
6 Jump Squats
3 Pushups
6 Mountain Climbers (each leg)
3 Burpees

The rule was to never stop for any more than three breaths.



  1. edgy reggie says:

    Chalk up another great workout (yes, even with burpees in the mix)! 🙂

    Clean progression: I’ve done this before, and it was similar to what I did this past Saturday. Nevertheless, I believe that I performed squat cleans with more weight this time (155#). I do like performing this progression because it forces me to always keep my “shoulders to the sky” as I get under the bar.

    Conditioning: Not bad…not bad at all. 🙂 I tried to pace myself and take Coach’s advice about always staying in motion. I think I completed eight rounds.

    Post-class: I did more grip work, weighted pull-ups, and band-assisted handstand push-ups…plus more stretching (of course).

    As always, the class was rockin’ it! 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB…is enjoying the current weather conditions.

  2. Steph says:

    I worked with Ewunike last night. The cleans felt really good. I think I did hang squat cleans for all of my reps and hit a PR of 119lbs on the 2nd 1 rep set before we ran out of time. I still need to work on my hook grip though, haven’t gotten used to using that yet.

    For the metcon I completed 11 rounds.

    Looking forward to another tough class on Thursday. Let’s take advantage of the nice weather 🙂

  3. Ewunike says:

    This was a great progression for me. I have the hardest time feeling the movement of driving my shoulders to the sky when doing cleans in a met con. So I enjoyed the opportunity to slow/break down the movement. God, if only I could whip my elbows under the bar faster and get under the bar quicker!
    Lot’s of practice to do. I enjoyed this workout and the quick metcon at the end. I completed 10 rounds.