March 24, 2010
March 29, 2010

RUN 1000 M.

DEADLIFTS @ BW (or scaled as needed).

This weekend we are out in VA for the CrossFit Games Sectionals! lets get a good group out to support Steve O, Tom A, Sara, Mark, Dan, Josh Courage and all the competitors. Steph is organizing dinner afterwords on Sunday. Lets get a Roll call going in the comments, so we can organize who we get in free. Also, Reggie will be competing in his first powerlifting competition this Saturday, so be sure to wish him well!



  1. SaltyHat says:

    looking forward to watching a few CFDCers kick ass at the Sectionals. also, best of luck to Reggie in his lifting comp.

    a nice semi-grinder of a class. replaced the run with a 1200m row and did one-legged burpees. used 225lbs & the fat-bar for DLs – really slowed my DLs down (both sets were broken), and wreaked havoc on my forearms for second set of pullups. all things considered, a damn fine workout.

  2. edgy reggie says:

    @Chris: Thanks man!

    Yeah, it was a good workout. Even the run wasn’t *that* bad. The worst part for me was probably the thirty burpees. 🙂 I used 85kg (187 lb.) for the deadlifts, and they felt great.

    Roll call: I’ll show up for the sectionals on Sunday (and maybe Saturday evening if I get back from Towson, MD in time). If time permits, I’ll hang out for the post-sectional festivities (i.e., dinner).

    CFDC’s own ODB…wishes best of luck to everyone in the CFDC family who is competing in the sectionals (the WoDs look quite do-able) and is looking forward to pulling some heavy weight in the competition.

  3. Steven says:

    Isn’t the rounded back on the deadlift – as shown on the top picture – dangerous for his back?

  4. Chris w says:

    Have a great sectional/lifting competition everyone. Kick ass, and have fun.

  5. ppetersan says:

    the workout was great. I used 155lb for deadlifts – the hardest part of the entire workout for me were the last 30 push ups.

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. Im sorry I won’t be able to cheer you all on.

  6. Tom Brose says:

    Steven, I am intrigued. I don’t consider that back position either rounded or unsafe at all. Perhaps, as I am not sure who you are, you could send us a photo of yourself in what you consider proper position? That might clear up things a bit.

  7. Nicole says:

    Great job at the Sectionals Crossfit DC! I was one of the event photographers and enjoyed capturing all your accomplishments. I created an album to view the many images taken, since one never knows which ones Crossfit HQ will pick. When you click on the link, just click on “All My Photos” and choose the album titled 2010 Crossfit Sectionals.