April 12, 2010
April 16, 2010


BENCH PRESS 5-5-3-3-3
DB RDL 8-8-5-5-5




  1. SaltyHat says:

    woke up this morning and felt fantastic…until I tried to stand up.
    Pre-class: M.E. Back Squats (5-5-5-3-3-3); couldn’t complete the last set at 300. ankle worked, but the leg strength was lacking.
    Class: used the 32kg KB for the 1st WOD. worked up to 245 for the last bench set (needed some assistance for the last rep) and 100lb DBs for the last Romanian DL set. By that point, my legs were pretty much shot, and so the row felt beyond horrible.
    Great class – now pardon me while I mummy-crawl to the kitchen…

  2. ppetersan says:

    I thought this was a great workout. Used 1.5 pood for the KB swings. Also, this is the first time I have ever done a CF workout which included bench press. Worked up to 155 on the BP and 75lb DB’s for the Romanian DL.

    Anyone doing the website WOD today?

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Good work, and some nice numbers being put up by the ladies. I know Sara hit 145×3, Ewunike 135×3 (more?), and Lilly at 95. One thing we need to focus more on is sticking to the liftoff procedure. Its not a spot, its part of setting the lifter up to be in correct position for a safe and effective lift.

    Great rowing times, especially after the RDLs. A few PRs I think.

  4. SaltyHat says:

    Coach Brose has a great point – one that is nearly universal in my recent experience with CFDC athletes (and coaches) – in that nearly all of us, after receiving the initial lift off, begin with the bar approximately above our nose-to-chins, rather than our chests. I think it’s innate – you want to see the bar straight out in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, it means the first rep travels farther than it needs to, and is also harder to control. Force yourself to receive the bar and begin the first rep with the barbell over your chest, not your face.

  5. edgy reggie says:

    Unlike Chris, I woke up feeling great even after I stood up. 🙂

    Swings/burpees: I used the 20kg kettlebell for the swings (hey, it was supposed to be a warm-up, right?).

    Bench press: I worked up to 195# x 1. Coach and Chris make an excellent point on the liftoff for the bench press. Even though I don’t do a lot of bench pressing (and I should do more), a proper liftoff was something I learned years ago, and I still use.

    Another thing I learned through the years is how to spot. It requires paying lots of attention to the lifter (because every lifter is different on how (s)he wants to be spotted) and not grabbing the bar unless it is absolutely, positively necessary to do so for safety.

    Dumbbell Romanian deadlift: Wow, an “oldie but a goodie” for me! 🙂 I worked up to the 100# dumbbells.

    Row: I set a new PR at 1:33.5…even though I fell off the seat the last few seconds (how funny was that?). Many thanks to Tom A. for “coxing.” Barking out commands really helped me, and I appreciated it. 🙂

    Post-class: Weighted pull-ups, grip work, band-assisted handstand push-ups, and lots of stretching (I forgot to do some rope climbing).

    This was another great class.

    CFDC’s own ODB…is ready for Thursday’s class (tire flips anyone?).