April 23, 2010
April 28, 2010

OK, I was working with a new camera yesterday, so we’ll see how the video clips come out. Hopefully something will be up tonight. In the meantime, a recap:

~60% 1RM

recovered with some muscle up practice.
Finished with:
5 minute AMRAP
Kettlebell Clean and Jerk
(hand switches as often as you want, no putting the bell down)



  1. edgy reggie says:

    Me likey squats (and deadlifts, clean-and-jerks, snatches…)! 🙂

    Squats: I used 90kg (198 lbs.) for the back squats. Thanks to Tom A. for forcing me to concentrate on pushing with my heels throughout the movement. I felt great after the workout (and I felt that I was getting low/deep into the squat), but I wondered if I should have used 100kg instead?

    Hours later (around the time I take yoga), I could really feel it in my quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

    As I write this comment, I still feel it in my glutes. 🙂 That’s not a bad thing.

    Kettlebell clean-and-jerk: Another “old friend” revisited. I used the 20kg kettlebell and cranked out 49 reps in the five-minute period.

    Post-class skill work: I did some handstands. some weighted pull-ups with Joanne, and some stretching.

    CFDC’s own ODB…is getting back to work tomorrow.