June 7, 2010
June 11, 2010

A workout that starts out too easy…hmmm, hows that going to turnout? Last nights workout was done in a “ladder” format, reps going up by two each round. The rest interval seemed superfluous, until the reps started to take up the whole minute interval. Salty was the ‘survivor”, the only one completing the round of 14 cleans.


Finished with 3 rounds of the infamous “Cradle of Pain”.



  1. SaltyHat says:

    it helps when you have a “spring in your crotch.”

  2. Sara says:

    @Salty – that only helps with the Burpees. Haha.

    I worked with 90lbs on the cleans and I must have been doing something right cause my traps never hurt so much after a clean workout as they do today.

    I made it through the round of 12 and on the round of 14 only got 11cleans and 12 burpees.

    I skipped out on the cradle of pain after the first round cause my tailbone is a little bit too scrapped up for that right now.

  3. TomandAmi says:

    Oh, that’s what that was, explains the curvature . . . .