August 4, 2010
August 8, 2010

The Return of Steve O.

So while Tom is off trying to figure out if a vegetarian can avoid starvation in meat-centric Mongolia, Steve O. returned to lead class. In the past, substitute instructors have favored more running in their workouts, and Steve did not disappoint, warming the Tuesday crew up with an old-school block run (extra points for avoiding rain drops).

3-3-2-1-1 Strict Press

Met Con
3 Ground-2-OverHead + 5 Rounds of Cindy;
3 G2OH + 4 Rds Cindy;

3 G2OH + 1 Rd Cindy.

Oddly enough, this was very similar in nature to a WOD Tom put CFDC through a few weeks ago, but without partners and a limited amount of G2OHs. I don’t think either sucked any less than the other.

Great work by all. It’s getting warm out again (despite the rain) so remember to keep up the intake of fluids. Mike Choi will be teaching Sunday’s 10 AM main class and will focus on the Olympic Lifts, especially the Clean & Jerk. Both Olympic lifts (C&J and the Snatch) are notoriously tricky. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a lot, and I would urge any&all to attend.

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  1. Tom Brose says:

    Sounds like a great workout workout! I was amazed to find that the hotel gym in Hong Kong has two kettlebells, a C2 and foam rollers. Got up early and hit 4×20+20 snatches, 2x 10+10 jerks and some TGUs, then swam.

    Now off to get in touch with my mongolian heritage.

    Keep up the hard work, see you all soon!

  2. Maiko D. says:

    Happy Friday all! Sounds like you found one hell of a hotel Tom 😛

    I enjoyed yesterday’s class. It was a nice balance of strength and conditioning. Thanks Steve O!

    Strict Press – I worked up to 1 rep at 90# (new PR). Left side was noticeably weaker.

    Workout – DNF

    I used 75# for the G2O work. I was on the pull-up bar against the wall and eventually stopped chaining the kips together because I love my knees THAT much. I’m sure I would have finished if I was using another bar. My triceps were still sore from Tuesday so the push-ups were slow. I don’t like the hands-off at the bottom though, I noticed I snaked off the ground a lot more that way. Lastly, I lost track of my Cindy rounds during the 4-rnds of Cindy stage so I did an extra round just in case. By the end of 31mins I was about to start the 2xCindy round.

    …and I look like I’m about to poop in that pic.

    I hope to make it to Balance Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Maiko D. says:

    Gratefulness you seeking your information to you too dude!