August 17, 2010
August 20, 2010

Chris Cross Will Make Ya…

A Tabata Mix & Match
Tabata: 4 exercises, each exercise done for 20 sec followed by 10 sec of rest for a total of 8 rounds. Utilizing this basic set-up, Tuesday night’s class tackled an assortment of weighted and body-weight exercises for a Tabata Mix & Match session.

The exercises:
DB Thrusters

Ab Bicycles

Tuck Jumps/Side Hurdles

DB Renegade Rows

No score was kept, but post your loads to comments – and while you’re at it, tell us where you started and where you wish you could’ve started the workout after all was said and done.

Also, a few announcements:

(1) Be sure to check out the 2 Points of Review posts from Coach Mike Choi laying out the keys to a good Clean & Jerk (Point of Review on the Clean) (Points of the Review on the Jerk);

(2) FGB V – the link is on the left hand side of the blog – just click on it, register yourself, and then enter “CrossFit DC” to find our team. Be sure to join up. This is a great workout for some great causes, and we definitely want to see as many faces as possible on September 25th;

(3) Are you on Facebook? Then search out and find the CrossFit DC group. We’ve knocked the dust off and got rolling with a new post (with pics) about our first guerrilla WOD in Rock Creek Park and also started a discussion on the top places you would most like to work out around the DC area.



  1. Steph says:

    You know Maiko, if you didn’t like me taking pictures, you could’ve said something. No need to give me the finger :-p

  2. Maiko D. says:

    JUMP JUMP!!!

    I used 25# DBs for the weighted exercises. I started off with the Renegade Rows (scaled up). Those left my triceps & shoulders fried. Shoulders took an additional beating during the thrusters. My coordination went to shit during the ab bicycles and those made my neck & traps more sore than anything (common problem for me and traditional crunch-esque exercises, probably just doing them incorrectly). Finished with the lateral tuck jumps. Knee is holding up well this morning and I didn’t sprain anything. Huzzah

    I think starting off with the thrusters would have been best but I was glad to get the weighted stuff out of the way first.

    It looks like I’m flippin off the camera in that last pic.

  3. Maiko D. says:

    HAHA now you’re making me feel bad!

  4. Steph says:

    Hahaha, I beat you to it!!

  5. Maiko D. says:

    I didn’t realize I scratch my face with the finger until that pic. I wonder how many ppl I have flipped off??? Hopefully they were mostly lawyers, bwahahahah~!

  6. Maiko D. says:

    Ok, since it’s only Steph and me chatting (and I know Chris is following), I found my old “embarassing” workout photo! It’s not nearly as bad as I remembered it being. I just look really sad doing DB squat cleans! Hehe

  7. Steph says:

    Oh man, that’s not bad at all!! You should see some of the ones of us we saved on our computer…UGLY!!

    That was also a looooong time ago. Way before my time 🙂

  8. SaltyHat says:

    nice work completing the lyrics Maiko. And yes, of course, I was following along – a little belatedly, but better late than never. I just didn’t want to chime in to early in case you were handing out more middle fingers…

  9. Sara says:

    Hey Chris,

    The other day you were talking about a new VFF that was suppose to be specific for sport. Was that the treksport? If yes, they are available on citysports website. Very much like the KSO but with 4mm insole and outer sole for performance. I don’t think they are the ones you were talking about. I think they may have been around for a couple months already. If this new pair of Bikila’s I received today don’t work out I may get the treksport.

  10. RedVIKING1 says:

    BIG APOLOGIES TO CFDC! I left you guys high and dry Tues. I’m caught up in the big move this week and things are crazy. Around 9:30 last night it hit me ” F@#% I was supposed to coach tonight!!!”
    Sorry again to everyone, but it looks as if everyone had fun anyway.

  11. SaltyHat says:

    Sara – the model I was talking about is called the Komoda; VFF is going to offer them as part of their 2011 line, along with a pair of Bikila’s that have elastic drawstings. You can check out the lineup here at
    (and, while you’re there, be sure to check out Merrell’s new “Glove” series; I’m a bit of Merrell fanatic, so I will be definitely be giving a pair of the True Gloves out – hell, even BdayShoes says, and I quote: “We assume this is the shoe directed more towards the running/trainer/crossfit market.”)

    Alex – no worries man, just glad to hear that you weren’t trapped under a couch somewhere between DC and BFE, Maryland. Hope the move is going well – can’t wait to crash a backyard BBQ.

  12. Sara says:

    Those look great… I too am a bit of a Merrell fan and would consider those true gloves as well. they will give me an alternative that I might actually like as opposed to the nike’s that I am not so sure about right now.

    No worries Alex – there is always someone around to pick up in that case.