August 15, 2010
August 17, 2010

Points of Review for the Jerk

A few points of review on the Jerk from Coach Mike Choi as a follow up to Sunday’s class:


1) On the dip-drive, be sure that you do not drop under the bar so quickly that it creates separation between you and the bar. This kills any upward momentum. Instead, dip-drive as if loading a spring, lowering at a controlled rate before quickly reversing direction. The stored energy is quickly released on the upward motion.

2) It’s not a press up. Drive yourself aggressively under the bar with as much speed as possible. Don’t be so concerned with how deep to go. That depends on the weight relative to your strength and flexibility. Go as deeply as needed. This will take practice to find the best natural mix for your body.

3) Turn your feet slightly in at the bottom of the split.

4) Recover by bringing the front foot forward, then the back foot, then the front foot. Moving the back foot first can create quite a bit of instability.

5) Demonstrate control before lowering (not dropping the barbell). Your hands should not release the bar until it’s past your waist. Only drop the bar if your body position is compromised or you’re in danger.

6) If dumping, be sure to push the bar gently in the direction it is falling and step in the opposite direction. Do whatever you need to do to get out of harm’s way, but generally a little push creates a surprising amount of space between you and the bar.


7) From the rack position, don’t fumble around too long. Set your hands, take a focused breath of air and do the jerk. It’s not being suggested that the lift should be rushed. But many people sit and hold the weight for long periods of time as it depletes strength.

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