September 3, 2010
September 8, 2010

Labor Intensive

Happy Labor Day CFDC!

Whereas Thursday was a shorter class filled with skill work, Sunday’s extended class focused on strength. For starters, everyone in class was asked to contemplate the following question while doing the warm-up: “In the Deadlift, what is the role of the: lower back; hamstrings; quads; lats; traps; glutes?”

Props to Reggie for laying out a great answer for the class, responding point by point. Post-answer, it was time to make sure you could really feel those particular muscles groups.

Strength WOD 1: single-partner Manual Glute-Ham Raises

Strenth WOD 2: 3-rep DLs with a pause & re-set between each rep (this ensured that peoples hips were in the proper position, with hamstrings under full tension and the lats pulled back for each lift, rather than sloppy second and third pulls with bouncing off the floor).

Finisher: 5 x 10 PushPress, 10 push-ups, & 10 jumping-squats.


Looks like there should’ve been a tie-breaker for the Arend clan! Also, CFDC welcomed back long-time CFDCer John Frazer who has been conspicuously missing owing to a recent addition to the family; Nice to have you back John!

Times from the finisher made-it on to the board, but post the weight used for the PP to comments, as well as your final weight for the DL.



  1. Steph says:

    Yeah, it was great to see John back in class! Welcome back John! Hope to see you again in the not so distant future, maybe you can make it to one of the Saturday outdoor wods.

    Great work by everyone! The metcon looked like something I might be able to do. I may give that one a shot this week, subbing the jumping squats with regular squats.

  2. Mark says:

    Steph, you definitely need to come back to the Metcons soon. You can’t let Salty have all the fun 🙂

    I got 324 lbs on the DL. It felt alright…but the weak point for me is the lower back. I feel like I can lift a good amount more if the lower back stablized more effectively through the lift. Also need to work on staying back on the heels to engage the glutes better.

    I used 95lbs on the Metcon. Had no desire to match Chris’ 115lbs.

  3. Steph says:

    YES!! A new commenter!! Nice Mark!! I’m glad you commented though cuz I would’ve called you out if you didn’t after our little talk at the CFDC gathering the other night 😉

  4. Sara says:

    Welcome back John!

    I worked up to 195# with the deadlifts. They felt good. Wanted to go more but I am working on that self control of slowly getting back into it. After my fourth set, Mike Choi suggested I lower my head just slightly in my set-up to help with the tightness in my QL and subsequently lower back. That tiny adjustment made a huge bit of difference in the way the DL felt. It was much better.

    I use 65# on the metcon. I was able to do the first round of PP unbroken but not the other four. I felt really slow throughout the whole metcon but the jump square felt like a nice break from the rest. I really tried to focus on the landing for the squats. I don’t have a problem making sure I obsorbe the impact but I generally land on the ball of my foot causing me to loose balance or come forward. That is what I was focusing on and did ok with it.

  5. SaltyHat says:

    “have all the fun” he says. ha.

    I really liked the DL set-up because it was a real struggle for me to conform to the standards Tom set for the lifts. I really struggle with my initial lift – in a set of 3, no’s 2 & 3 are always better because I’m able to maintain the tension in my back and lats through the descent and into the next lift. But this set-up turned each of the three lifts into an initial lift – the result was a real struggle to keep good posture through all 3 lifts, and since that was the point, I stopped at the 2nd rep of 270kg when I really felt myself rounding off the ground.

    As Mr. Minukas mentioned, used 115 for the finisher. Course, Mark didn’t get called out like I did for not finishing some of my lifts. Damn Brose and his omnipresent gym-vision.

  6. Tom Brose says:

    By 270, I think you mean 170 kg.? Great to see John back in class, and to see Mark posting here.

    The 5x(3×1) format made for better reps, but also a little more focus on how to produce tension before the bar lifts. Its not just to make sure the bar isn’t being bounced off the floor, its loading the hamstrings each rep.

  7. SaltyHat says:

    170, 270, what’s 100 kilos? sheesh.

  8. John Frazer says:

    Thanks for the welcome back! Hope to make it a more regular occurrence. Tom always finds good ways to expose more weaknesses than I have time to work on.

    I worked up to 232 (I think) for the deadlifts.

    “Hands off” turned out to be a pretty brutal qualifier on the push-ups. It also put the hurt on my push presses.

  9. edgy reggie says:

    That was another good workout!

    First, welcome back John!

    Deadlift: I worked up to two reps at 170kg. I believe that I could have done another rep at that weight, but I wanted to save my energy for the met-con. I really liked the set-up; I believe that helped me from jerking the weight up off the floor.

    Thanks for the shout Salty. If I — after performing deadlifts on-and-off for about twenty years — could not have answered Coach’s question, I should have been shot on-site. 🙂 Also, props to whoever (I forgot who stated it) added glutes to the muscle groups worked by deadlifts.

    Met-con: I used 50kg for the push press. Doing the push presses and the strict push-ups killed me, but I made it through…finally. 🙂

    I did a few kipping pull-ups after class.

    “Not too bad for an old man.” -CFDC’s own ODB