September 15, 2010
September 20, 2010


Ring work was the order of the night Thursday, showing up in the warm-up, two different versions of the main WOD, and some post-WOD supplemental work. The rings are great training tools that promote increased flexibility and joint mobility while also demanding a lot of core stability. Check out this article from the gymnastics-based Drills and Skills site for a good review of the wide range of ring exercises available.

Rd 1 – Inverted Hang followed by 10 push-ups & 10 squats
Rd 2 & 3 – “Skin the Cat” followed by 10 push-ups & 10 squats
The big key is control; running/jumping into the inverted position will only cause the rings to swing, making it extremely hard to hold yourself steady. Once the shoulders were warm, it was time for the main event.

Version 1 – Muscle Ups/Pistols/Swings; 5/10/15, 4/8/12, 3/6/9, 2/4/6, 1/2/3
(pistols were total reps rather than per leg)

Version 2 – Ring Push-ups/Pistols Progressions/Swings; 5 x 7/7/21
(for this version, Pistols reps were per leg)

There are a number of progression moves for learning the pistol squat (I saw at least three last night), but there are also a number of ways of utilizing the pistol squat as an exercise. Not sure what they are? Well, check out our good friend Jim Bathurst’s in depth pistol squat review over at
The main WOD was followed by some supplemental work on Ring Dips and Muscle Up attempts before the whole class went down to the court to play with some over-sized “rings.”

AMRAP of 2 x tire flips + 2 full court suicide sprints

Post times for the main WOD in comments, along with any questions or comments you might have about the rings and ring exercises.



  1. Julia says:

    That looks awesome. Wish I had been there!

    What are inverted hangs?

  2. SaltyHat says:

    you would’ve definitely enjoyed the workout Julia.

    Inverted Hangs are basically hanging upside down on the rings, arms straight, toes to the ceiling. If you click on the link to Drill and Skill website, they have a good picture about 1/4 of the way down the page under the heading “Inverted Pull-Ups,” where they actually discuss starting the inverted pull-up from “a piked or straight-body inverted hang.”

    Hope that helps.

  3. Steph says:

    Oh look, Brendan and Peter coordinated their outfits! Is that why they worked together as a team? ;D

    Nice to see Glen joining the fun as well!

  4. Sara says:

    Sorry I missed it. This is my kind of workout minus the pistols. Maybe I would have completed a successful muscle-up. Traffic was so bad that I was still 15-20 minutes away 5 minutes after class started

  5. Sara says:

    Oh wow… That is the first time I was ever able to post using my google account. It never let me do it before.

  6. SBV says:

    Muscle-ups and pistols? Why stop there? Why not throw in some overhead squats, L-pull-ups, and toes-to-bars? That way, the workout could include all the exercises I suck at. See you guys Sunday.

  7. Tom Brose says:

    Julia, we’ll work more ring work in. Learning how to move, adjust and hold your body in new ways is hugely beneficial.

    Sara, we’ll see you and Maiko hitting those muscle ups very soon.

    Sebastian, are you really sure you want to suggest that? Besides, your OHS looked good the other day, and I saw some things we can do to improve them. Can’t always be Double Unders!

  8. Steph says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Steph says:

    Only 1 week until FGB people! Let’s up our fundraising efforts CFDC! And don’t forget, when you raise $150, you will get a FGB V t-shirt after the event!

  10. Maiko D. says:

    Ring work was fun. We should do it more often! I think I have a better chance at hitting the lotto than getting that muscle up anytime soon.

    I teamed up with Andraea and Dian for the workout – used 20kg for the swings and did assisted pistols. I never tried pistols in class and I didn’t like ’em! Felt like my ankle was going to snap! (probably means I was doing them wrong)

    For the AMRAP, I have to admit that I didn’t make it down to the court until just before the 3-2-1-GO bit so I basically missed all info regarding the finisher & played follow-the-leader. I don’t know how many times I did the circuit and I don’t know how long we did it for, oops ^.^

    There were ring dips in there somewhere…knocked out 7 and then started my muscle-up attempts.

    I think that’s it…

  11. Julia says:

    Thanks, guys – playing around on the rings sounds good to me.

    (I’m back to p.m. swims starting next week, so it’ll probably be awhile before I make a Tues or Thurs workout. But I’m planning on dropping in on Sunday mornings when I can. Can’t miss out on all the fun!)

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