September 17, 2010
September 22, 2010

Hang On!

If Sunday’s double-workout class taught us anything, it’s that one of the easiest ways to test your grip endurance is to mix DLs and Pull-ups. Of course, one wonders just how much the workout “changed” due to Sara’s suggestion that we include hand stand work in the warm-up…

WOD #1: The Deadlift & Hand Stand Push-up Combo
Warm-up = DL 5x5x3x3; goal was to aim for between 80 and 90% of your 3rep max DL.
WOD = 5x 3 DL + 5x Max reps of HSPUs. This was very similar to yesterdays Main Site WOD. The basic premise was to perform 3 reps of the DL followed by as many HSPUs as you could without coming off the wall. Scaling included HSPU’s with mats (stacked as many high as needed), handstand holds, and knees-on-box HSPUs.

Kudos to Sebastian who really fought to pay attention to his form with the DL on Sunday. This can be a hard decision, as it often causes us to focus on the one thing that we don’t like (a fault or short-coming) at the expense of something we do like (moving lots of weight really fast). Our brains are emotion-dominant machines, and it takes work to put-aside the fun in order to work on the not-so-fun, but this will pay huge dividends in the long run.

WOD #2: The Pull-Up & Burpee Combo
WOD = Max reps of Pull-ups followed immediately by 21 burpees with between 90 to 120 seconds of rest in between rounds. I dare say that grip was a bit of a factor for the pull-ups, with well-worn shoulders running a close second.

Pull-up Results:

While the pull-up numbers were recorded, DL loads and HSPU’s numbers did not, so post to comments along with any thoughts.



  1. SBV says:

    Woah! Looks like I’ve found a new picture for my desktop!

    I miss kipping pull-ups. Back when I first started CrossFit (August 2008), all I cared about was mastering the kipping pull-up. I remember leaving the gym frustrated, watching videos at home on the movement, and then going back to the gym that same day just to continue working on them. My hands used to be torn to shreds, but it was worth it. Following Main Site programming, kipping pull-ups used to come up just about every day, either as part of the CrossFit Warm-up or as the WOD.

    My last six months or so of CrossFit has been filled with “strength” work. I’ve been so consumed with Olympic and Power lifting that I’ve lost a lot in the bodyweight movement arena. In any event, it was great to revisit the kipping pull-up on Sunday, and I look forward to welcoming it back into my workouts again.

    As for deadlift, I’d like to dedicate a little more time to technique. That being said, it’s time for me to start lifting some bigger weight. Thank you, Tom, for the great coaching, as always.

  2. SaltyHat says:

    I hear you Sebastian – not even a month into CF, and Brose through out Fran at us; the lack of kipping pull-ups really did a number on me, physically and mentally. That became my motivation. I haven’t hit them as often as I should lately, but they are a nice addition to any workout. And BTW, nice work on the DL’s last night; it’s really tough to dial back, but your attention to form really paid off.

    On the other hand, my attention to form needs, well, a lot more attention. Worked up to 385lbs for the DL for 3 sets, and the dropped back for the last set. Hit a total of 61 HSPUs over the 5 sets. For the finisher, got to 36 Pull-ups on the first set, but on the second set, my grip just gave out on #19 – I was hoping to get to 25, but so much for that plan. Did all sets of burpees unbroken, and gave myself 90 seconds of rest in between sets as suggested by the godfather of DC CrossFit.

  3. Tom Brose says:

    I want to work more pullups in, strict, kipping, weighted etc. Especially once the strength has been developed, the kip can allow you to go at a workout with a really high work rate. So…expect more pullups.

    Sebastian, nice work on the DLs. Its always important to find your weaknesses and improve. The form is not as bad as you think. In fact, at max weight, everyone starts to look a little different than “demo” technique.

    Chris, you have the strength for a lot heavier lifts, but your self limiting makes sense. We’ll get that stability together ASAP.

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. SaltyHat says:

    glad you were spared of work Anonymous, but I myself have always questioned the programming undertaken at CF Spamalot.

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