September 20, 2010
September 24, 2010
Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Tuesday nights class went heavy and hard, building on the last few weeks emphasis on the Clean. After a general warmup, we progressed to:
2 sets of 5 Front Squats followed by 5 Push press
2 Sets of 3 Clean and Jerks

These sets were used as specific movement preparation. Had we been planning to use a heavier working weight, more ascending sets would have been used. For the main workout:

This was done in a “ground to overhead” style, allowing power cleans, push presses, etc. Tops for the night was clearly Dan, who racked up 57 reps at 155lbs over the course of 3 rounds; awesome work Dan! After a brief respite the class finished with several rounds of Planks, V Sits and stretching. Post reps and weights to numbers since there was scant recording going on last night.

Additionally, with only a few days to go before CFDC’s participation in the FGB V fundraiser, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on our “recuperation” sponsors, Great Lakes Brewing and Sticky Fingers Bakery:

Great Lakes Brewing Co. is head-quartered in Cleveland, OH, which, for those of you who don’t know, was Brose’s old stomping grounds before he joined us here in D.C. Great Lakes Brewing opened their doors in 1988, and made huge inroads for a lot of other independent, mid-west brewers, especially for those with a more socially conscious attitude. Great Lakes Brewing is donating a range of their unique brews in support of our fundraising efforts, so be sure to check out their webpage & and products by clicking on the image above.

Sticky Fingers Bakery is owned and operated by our very own CFDCer Doron Petersan! Sticky Fingers is an all vegan bakery that makes the hands-down best baked goods in DC. Forget hours in line at hyper-inflated bakeries that are all show and no go. Sticky Fingers has been serving their deliciously ethical baked goods to an overwhelmingly thankful DC market since 2002. Many thanks to Doron and the rest of the Sticky Fingers crew for supporting our fundraising efforts with some delicious goodies – be sure to check out their webpage by clicking on the Sticky Fingers logo above. Better yet, just go visit the bakery in Columbia Heights!

So swing by SATURDAY between 10AM-12 Noon for the Fight Gone Bad workout followed by the “Nutrition Gone Bad” recovery: cupcakes and beer.

So what if it’s not paleo!?



  1. SaltyHat says:

    sorry for being so deficient with the blog this time around; blame American Airlines and shitty weather in Chicago for 24 hours of divided attention.

    However, it’s up, and it’s GOOD! great workout last night – worked at 155lbs with Dan and Reggie, who were both awesome at stepping in to fix the bar weights throughout the workout. Managed to eke out 44 reps over all. Now I may have to mosey on into the kitchen to enjoy a Great Lakes product before I head off to bed (too bad I don’t have any Sticky Fingers baked goods stashed anywhere to go along with it…)

  2. Andrew says:

    To add to the nutrition gone bad segment my girlfriend has reserved the top floor of Garretts in georgetown for myself and some of my friends this Saturday night. All are welcome to come. It’s Garretts, the cheapest bar in all of Georgetown, from 8-10pm. Hope to see some of you guys there!


  3. Tom Brose says:

    Andrew, you should let everyone know this may be their last chance to see you before you enter into the Marine Corps!

  4. SBV says:

    My wrists are happy that they missed this workout.