October 8, 2010
October 13, 2010

Invasion of the Balance Snatchers

Holy Record Setting Sunday, Batman. 8, count ’em, 8 PR’s for the 500 meter row. AND that was just the warm-up (sort-of).

Sunday’s warm-up served a dual purpose: first, as with all warm-ups, the mix of exercises was calculated to prepare the class specifically for the upcoming workout. However, this warm-up was also an ends in and of itself: to better prepare people for short-distance rows. Thus the addition of a 500 easy row and the 5x power starts. The power start is especially useful for getting the rower going during a shorter distance row, while the slower, nice&easy 500 helps with pacing. Either way, something was working as 8 out of 10 people set PR’s in the 500 row. Job well done by all!

After that, it was on to some heavy snatch practice utilizing the Snatch Balance and Overhead Squat: 2 or 3x 3 snatch balances for warm-up, followed by 5x 1 snatch balance & 2 overhead squats.

The snatch balance is a tricky movement to perform, and so Sunday’s class concentrated on just two versions: the Pressing Snatch Balance and the Heaving Snatch Balance. For the pressing snatch balance, think about keeping the bar in the same position as you steadily press yourself under the weight; for the heaving snatch balance, perform a quick dip & drive (as you would with a push-press) before dropping underneath the weight, catching it in the squat position.

Finisher for the day was a carnival of core work, including L-sits, Hip Bridges, Plank Holds, Reverse Hypers, Paloff Presses, and Knees-to-Elbows.

Nice work everyone – enjoy the awesome Fall weather we’re having at the moment, especially if you’re lucky enough to have Columbus Day off from work.



  1. SBV says:

    The 500 meter row was quite an experience. It might have been the most taxing workout I’ve ever done. On other workouts, if I ever felt such pain, then I would simply set the bar/weight/whatever down and catch my breath for a few seconds. That isn’t an option on the C2. I can’t really articulate how I felt when the monitor showed 200 meters remaining, but I was able to hang on and set a pr by five seconds. Tom says I should enjoy these pr’s because, in his words, “they don’t last forever.” He’s probably right, but I’d like to prove him wrong for a little while longer.

    The rest of the session was kind of a blur for me — I didn’t stop shaking until about the fourth set of snatch balance.

    I’m taking Mary Catherine down to the exercise trail for Tabata Something Else on this beautiful federal holiday. See you Tuesday.

  2. Tom Brose says:

    I loved the effort on the 500s. They are definitely something that will leave you in a daze for a while.

    One note on the Snatch Balance (tomorrows .com WOD by the way): You must drive yourself down under these! A BTN Push jerk that you ride down is not the same thing as a Snatch Balance. The point of this is to get underneath the bar in a snatch. These are considered a “skill transfer” exercise, but if you take out the skill we are looking to acquire, you lose the point.

    This speaks to the broader subject of having an objective for the session. If you looked at Sunday as a skill development more than just a workout, you may have had to keep the weight light. The payoff will come with an improved Snatch, which is an actual competition lift, as well as valuable athletic skill. “Weight Chasers”, even if unintentionally, are letting their egos get the best of them. If you fudge the technique, you may get a decent “workout” in, but not reap the real benefits. Hence the Snatch Balance being a frustrating movement.

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Oh, and Sebastian, I hope you keep hitting the PRs as well. Its great when they come in droves, just remember all the work that went into them. Don’t get frustrated when 9if) theres a plateau.

  4. SaltyHat says:

    Tom, it sounds as if you may have watched a few of the videos that accompanied today’s HQ WOD? Was wondering what your take would be on those.

    Congrats to everyone on the PR’s! Personally, I think I need to feed my rower next time so it stops trying to eat my shorts when I get on.

    I like the snatch balance, and really tried to work on driving myself under the bar. Worked up to 72.5 kg and got some good cues as to head and arm posture. Looking forward to class tonight.