October 26, 2010
October 31, 2010
The Hand

The Stand

Thursday’s class opened with a little bit of skill work focusing on the handstand. A simple and logical progression was followed to get people working towards the ever-dreaded handstand push-up:
– 5 handstand kick-ups;
– handstand holds;
– handstand push-ups / box-assisted handstand push-ups

We’ve covered the handstand kick-up in some depth before (with help from beastskills.com). However, assisted handstand work is of tremendous help by allowing you to become familiar, and comfortable, with your head pointed straight at the floor. Once you’re more comfortable with the inverted position, you will find that it actually takes less effort to kick-up into the handstand, thus leaving more energy for handstand holds and handstand push-ups.

Of course, class is never just all fun & games. Following the skill work was a nice 12 min. Met Con consisting of:

After that, it was time for some nice stretching and foam-rolling focusing on the posterior chain which saw a lot of work this week.


Owing to a church function taking place in the gym this weekend, Sunday’s classes will be held OUTSIDE!
Elements (9am) will be heading over to the very close, very convenient Mitchell Park.

The Regular (10am) class will be heading down to Calvert Hill (that portion of Rock Creek Park at the corners of Calvert and Connecticut Ave) .
We will meet prior to both classes in the Balance Gym parking lot before walking over to either location – however, if you are coming to the 10am class and want to simply hop off the metro at the Woodley Park Station, feel free to meet us at the park.

HOWEVER! You may need to give yourself extra time in order to get to the gym on Sunday owing to the running of the Marine Corps Marathon. In case you’re wondering which roads will be closed, you’ll find a complete list along with their time of closing in this Marine Corps Marathon Press Release.



  1. Maiko D. says:

    I enjoyed the structure of class last night. I haven’t worked on handstands or HSPUs in a while so I appreciated that. Also like the less complex but still challenging workout. I managed to complete 5 full rnds. Should have gone up to 30# for the dumbbells.

  2. edgy reggie says:

    Sorry that I missed class last night; although, I was able to attend yoga (and we did handstands in that class).