October 29, 2010
November 2, 2010
Happy Halloween

As a special Halloween treat, CFDC took class outside to Calvert Hill in Rock Creek Park.

Equipmentless for this outdoor workout, class relied on the exercise stations provided in the park, the natural terrain, and some good ole’ fashioned bodyweight movements. Workout #1 was scripted as a 20 min AMRAP of:
– 1 hill sprint & 3 rounds of
— 5 pull-ups;
— 10 pistols (5 per leg); &
— 5 push-ups

As a quick and fun finisher, a sprint-style obstacle course was thrown together:
— frog hop the sign;
— run to the side hop bar & perform 20 side hops;
— run to the pull-up station & perform 10 knees-2-elbows (or toes-2-bar);
— run to the starting point & bear crawl to the bike rack (~100 ft); &
— run to the balance beam & cross in one go;
— run to the finish.
I think the consensus was pretty unanimous that the bear crawls were the worst (unless of course you had a little trouble making a clean frog-hop…)

Nutritional Challenge Update

Sorry for keeping people on the edge of their seats awaiting the next round of Nutritional Challenge info, but the original plan had been to unveil the next stage last week featuring a body-composition and bench-mark WOD class. We had planned to conduct these base line measurements on Sunday, but owing to the gym closing this past weekend, and the BWI-Hopper competition next weekend, we had to change things up a bit.
Instead, the baseline tests will take place during class this coming Thursday (November 4th). If you cannot make it to class this Thursday, we will conduct a follow-up (possibly the following Tuesday, Nov. 9th. An e-mail with this information will make the rounds shortly.
Again, many apologies for the delay – we had the best of intentions, but lacked ultimate control over the schedule!



  1. Maiko D. says:

    just wanted to drop in and congratulate Salty for surviving a month of posting creative Halloween-themed titles for the blog posts! I would have been like “aww hell nah!” if someone even mentioned it while I was blogging. 🙂 Thumbs up dude!

  2. SaltyHat says:

    Thanks Maiko – I figured if anyone was picking up on the “movie title” references, it would be you. Anyone else clue in?

    Awesome to see such a large crew for the outdoor workout – it turned out to be a really nice day for it as well. Hope everyone enjoyed the rest of it.