November 5, 2010
November 8, 2010
BWI Hopper Update: Day 1

Julia, Sara, Mark & Sebastian all get a few last minute tips from Coach Tom Brose before competing

Day 1 of the BWI Hopper is in the bag. The CF-BWI crew has done a great job with their box, and despite the chaos of coordinating over 200 total competitors, the 1st day was run extremely well and came off without a hitch.

Individual Event #1

30-20-10 reps of Wall Balls & 95lb/65lbs Hang-Power Cleans.
Both Tom A. and Dan handled the first workout extremely well, with Tom A. simply breezing through the wall balls and Dan’s effort putting him into 16th place going into the second workout.

Affiliate Event #1

4 Min Row for calories, 4 Min Burpee-Box Jumps, 100 DLs.
The workout broke down as such: the girls each performed 1 min of rowing, while the guys each performed 1 min of burpee-box jumps, and then switched so that the guys each performed 1 min of rowing while the girls each performed 1 min of burpee-box jumps (i.e., one worked while the other rested). Once the 4 mins were done, the team performed 100 DLs – guys doing 50 reps at 275lbs & girls doing 50 reps at 185lbs & only one person working at a time – as quickly as possible. Score was the total time it took the team to finish (provided they did finish the workout) minus 1 sec for every 5reps completed within the first 4 min (complicated, right?). The results, however, were much simpler – Team CFDC rocked out, one of only two teams in their heat to actually finish the workout. Mark and Sebastian were solid on all parts of the workout, but it was Sara and Julia who truly went to town, owning the 185 deadlifts!

Individual Event #2

Max Rep Back Squats in 3 min.
Gentlemen worked at 225lbs while ladies worked at 135lbs. This was truly a workout where Tom Brose’s attention to form (and recent programming of max rep back squats) truly paid off. Tom A. and Dan had, bar-none, some of the best form among all the male competitors. Even better – Dan’s shorts held together for this workout! Which, apparently, was enough to help him move up to 11th place before the final individual workout of the day.

Team Event #2

Modified GHD-Annie.
Five benchmark “Girls” were in the hopper, and the draw produced “Annie” (traditionally 50-40-30-20-10 Dbl-Unders & Sit-ups), but with a twist: this team WOD would be a 30-20-10 Annie done with Dbl-Unders and GHD Sit-ups. Everyone on the team had to finish all reps on their own, and only one guy and one girl could work at a time. The CFDC Team showed real heart in grinding through the workout, especially considering how little time any of us spend on the single GHD we have in the gym.

Individual Event #3

500m Row, 44 Dbl-Unders, for time.
A speedy met-con was promised, and sure enough, a speedy met-con was delivered. 500m row followed immediately by 44 DU’s. Both Tom and Dan, with their lengthy torsos and powerful rowing, cruised to great finishes (3.27 & 2:15 respectively).

Congrats to everyone on a great first day! Tomorrow promises more fun and excitement. The events have already been pulled and announced:
Individual: Triplet of Push-Jerks, Burpees, & KB Swings; &
Team: 8000m Row

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap!



  1. Maiko D. says:

    8k row? I know it’s a team workout but damn…

  2. TomandAmi says:

    It was great fun – and really appreciate the support from Tom and the whole CFDC crew. Our team turned in a very solid performance. Wait ’til next year!