November 8, 2010
November 12, 2010

After a fun but frenetic weekend, things settled down a bit for Tuesday night’s CFDC class. Amazingly, none of the Hopper workouts showed up Tuesday night, but I wouldn’t hold your breath that they never will. Class did start with bifurcated approach however: a large portion of class warmed up for some strict presses, while our friends from Gallaudet, Thad and Myra, took care of their baseline testing for the Nutritional Challenge – while our limited class schedule doesn’t allow them to attend all that often, both Thad and Myra follow the blog closely, mixing CFDC (and CFHQ) workouts into their routines, and it was a pleasure to have them back in class for a night (And many thanks to Erika for helping out!)

Strength: 5 x 5 Strict Press

Excessive Back Arch: Hyper-extension of the lower back was discussed a few times last night and its worth covering again here. When strict pressing, as the load increases towards the failing point, there can be a tendency for people’s backs to arch excessively, folding their hips and upper-torsos back and under the weight. This is especially prevalent in athletes with flexible spinal columns:

As you can see, the hips and shoulders push back while the core juts out into an excessive arch. To remedy this, really squeeze your glutes, which will help push your hips forward, placing them back in line with the rest of the body and creating that stable trunk to help push (and hold) the weight over head.

Met-Con: 10min AMRAP of 5 push-press, 5 clapping push-ups, & 15 sit-ups.

It was a real pleasure to have Steve Krystek from CF Progressive F.O.R.C.E. in Las Vegas, Nevada, jam out with us last night.

If you’re ever in Vegas, be sure to check out their box!

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to read the re-caps of the BWI Hopper, be sure to do so (Day 1 and Day 2), and then check out some really great thoughts and commentary by Sebastian and Dan on their experience which they posted into the comments of Sunday’s blog-post (Strong in Body, Cleans in Mind).

Now, who’s up for some clean eating?


  1. Steph says:

    I tend have the excessive back arch as well when I do the strict press and have found that squeezing the glutes really helps.

    Is that Kenyan John in the picture? It’s so nice to have you back John! Hopefully you’ll stick around longer this time? 😉

    I’m looking forward to see what nutritional recommendations Tom and Salty have for me. Like I said, as long as you don’t cut out pork…

  2. SaltyHat says:

    Won’t cut out pork completely, but that rasher of bacon you have hidden under the sofa cushions might have to go…

  3. ppetersan says:

    Sorry I missed class last night. Looked like it was fun. Im excited to start the nutrition challenge – as long as you don’t make me eat pork 🙂

    See y’all on Thursday.

  4. Maiko D. says:

    just writing in response to the comments re: organizing a local competition from the previous entry.

    I think contacting local CF’ers & CF Trainers you know either thru email, FB or in person to see if there’s an interest would be a good place to start. You guys met a lot of people this past weekend who also could be interested in a more DC-centric event.

    I’m sure you got some ideas in class yesterday but I thought I’d give mine.

  5. Dan Samarov says:

    The Outlaw folks are definitely interested, as are the CF Balance people. I’m sure if we got in touch with the Potomac guys, BWI, District CF and Primal we would get a good response. The bigger issue is in the logistics. How’re we going to accommodate everyone and who’s willing to give up the gym space/time.

  6. TomandAmi says:

    I think you could make it work for a one day thing at Balance Kalorama or what about Primal or District for space? I agree it’s high time to pul something together. It would be a great local community builder and one more fun challenge. Tom?

  7. Maiko D. says:

    I don’t know which affiliate has more space but if there’s already an interest I’m sure someone would be willing to lend out their box for at least a day (would be publicity for their gym, fun for members, etc etc). Sharing equipment between affiliates shouldn’t be a problem either if multiple affiliates are interested (unless DC-area boxes are stingy about sharing). Maybe you can contact the people you spoke with to get a sense of how many of their members would be interested in a local event. If you want to keep it on the small side, then a cap on the no# of competitors is definitely in order.

    With the Hopper in late mid fall, the Superfit Games in Jan, and then events leading up to the CF Games beginning in spring, having an event in mid-summer through early fall wouldn’t be a bad idea. That also makes it possible to have an outdoor event like Josh C. did.

    I’m sure someone with more marketing & event planning knowledge will chime in. Chatting with people who’ve thrown local comps wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I’m just pulling shit out of my ass at the moment.

  8. Maiko D. says:

    and I just broke my goal of keeping my posts not-so-vulgar. Sorry about that all.

  9. SBV says:

    Having a local competition sounds cool. But, I propose an alternative.

    What about more of a one-on-one challenge between two affiliates? For instance, it could be called “Friday Night Throwdown,” and we could invite another affiliate to bring a team over to our gym, or vise-versa. It could resemble the Ryder Cup. There could be some 4-on-4 events, 2-on-2s, and then a bunch of 1-on-1 challenges.

    Dan says that Outlaw interested in a competition. Don’t you think they’d be happy to welcome a group of us from CFDC over to their box for one night to throwdown? Or what about CrossFit Balance? It might be even easier (considering we share a gym). This type of format would limit the logistical difficulties of actually having a formal competition.

    Thoughts? Comments?

  10. Dan Samarov says:

    @Sebastian, that is exactly along the lines of what I was thinking. Something informal, more like a few affiliates, hit up two or three wods and get beers after. Kalorama or Thomas Circle would be fine, the only issue with the former is space and its availability (easy to check with Graham on this) and with Thomas Circle availability again and the flexibility on dropping weights (they’ve apparently had issues with the upstairs tenants in the past).

    Of course Outlaw, or District or whomever may volunteer to host in which the case the problem is solved. I’ll send an email out to those guys and get their feedback. Would be fun to have a post Thanksgiving throw down.

  11. Thad says:

    It was good to see some of you last night. Myra and I cannot wait to start the Nutritional Challenge with you guys.

    Many thanks to Erika for helping us out!

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