November 10, 2010
November 14, 2010
3 Extremes II

After a run of mixed Strength and Met-Con classes, class was reminded on Thursday just how much metabolic conditioning can be garnered from a simple but well coordinated Strength-only class:

8 individual rounds, each round consisting of 3 power cleans from the deck, 2 front squats, and 2 jerks. The workout was not for time, but everyone was urged to maintain only 3 minutes of rest time between lifts. Additionally, the bar should not rest on the ground at any time during a round, with the exception of small adjustments to grip during the cleans. If this seems familiar, it should: check out the original 3 Extremes workouts done on October 13th of this year.

A tough, but excellent class, once again proving that sometimes “simple” can be devastatingly effective at covering multiple fitness requirements: strength, endurance, stability, and mobility.

Great work all around. Hope everyone is planning to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather this weekend!



  1. Dan Samarov says:

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  2. Dan Samarov says:

    Sorry I missed the class, ended up doing a couple of WODs earlier in the day.

    1. Revisited the 500m row/44 DU wod from the hopper, got just under 2 (1:59/2:00).

    2. 6min (sort of AMRAP, more of focus on the rope climb)
    9 x 35lbs dumbbells (each hand) thrusters
    1 x rope climb (finally got a non-leg injuring technique down)
    6 rounds

    3. (w/ Deepak) 5 rounds
    250m row
    20 clapping push-ups
    ~ 7:58 (I think)
    Totally started failing on the push-ups in the 4 round.

    4. 30 minute run in the evening w/ Lizzy.

    May hit yesterdays WOD up this evening or tomorrow morning. I take it that “SPM” is Strokes Per Minute?

  3. SBV says:

    Ethan and I started with 40kg and added 10kg per set. Our last set was performed at 80kg (approx. 176#), and was quite heavy — I failed on the jerks.

    After class, I did some skill work. I practiced wall ball shots and rope climbs. Also, I attempted the 500 meter row/44 double-under workout from the Hopper. Unfortunately, someone reset the clock while I was on the rower. Or, maybe it wasn’t so unfortunate — my legs were jelly when I got off the rower and I really struggled to string the double-unders together.

    Friday will be a full rest day. MC is attempting to schedule us some Thai yoga massage in the near future. I look forward to giving that a try.