November 14, 2010
November 19, 2010

Since the bar spent a lot of time in the air on Sunday, it only made sense to spend a lot of time lifting the bar off the ground on Tuesday:

Just in case you were wondering what muscles needed to be used for all that deadlifting, Brose prescribed some manual glute-ham raises to start off the evening.

After that, it was time for a few deadlifts, followed by a few more deadlifts.

Strength: warm-up with 3-4sets of increasing weight; main set = 3×5 heavy deadlifts (@ ~75% of 1RM).

Met Con: 5 -> 1 ladder of heavy DLs combined with your choice of (1) 3xpush-ups, (2) 2xclapping push-ups, or (3) 1x clapburpus/clapburpos/clapburpees (whatever you want to call them, they’re clapping-push-up burpees, and that’s all that needs to be said).

A lot of great form on the deadlifts – just remember to work as hard as you can to keep that form when the DLs roll around in a MetCon.

Nutritional Challenge
Individualized suggestions should be making their rounds. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with your food log – we won’t be forcing you to turn them in, BUT we will be asking questions about them both in class and via e-mail, so be sure to keep them up to date (and honest!).

Also, keep an eye out for blog posts during the challenge discussing specific aspects of the challenge, and why we chose the requirements we did. First post should be up this week, and we’re hoping this will help explain our decisions, and also generate some discussion as to general nutritional needs/requirements.



  1. SBV says:

    Pullin’ big! Ethan and I worked at 295# (he grew a pair and bumped it up to 315# for his last set) on deadlift. I could definitely feel my form starting to break down towards to the latter reps, but I never felt as though my lower back was compromised. I need to continue to explore my outer limits of strength and, hopefully, get more comfortable moving heavy loads.

    The METCON was cool. I dropped down to 275# on deadlifts and did 15-12-9-6-3 push-ups. My arms burnt out quickly on the push-ups and the CFDC crew got to watch me struggle on the floor. I appreciated the encouragement, though.

    I seeled my workout with “The Cuban” from The Burger Joint and and pumpkin milkshake. Gotta lock in those strength gains . . .

  2. Tom Brose says:

    I can quickly see Sebastian becoming Enemy #1 of everyone else in the Nutrition Challenge. That pumpkin milkshake sounds good!

  3. SaltyHat says:

    wow – raw hammies.

    the manual GH-raises really got things warm, and the DLs were just awesome after that. My one complaint is doing the manual GH-raises on the GHD; the thigh pad really digs into your quads when you reverse things. However, I do wonder how the Sorinex GHD’s would feel with their half-moon thigh pads (Sorinex were the predominant GHDs at BWI for those who attended)

    DL sets – worked with Dan and Reggie for both the Strength adn Met-Con WODs. For Strength, worked up to 344, and then worked with 335 on the Met-Con sets. Form fell all to pieces on the Met-Con, but surprisingly not sore in the back today (hammies are a diff. story).

  4. Sara says:

    So 2 of my favorite exercises. Manual GH raises and deadlifts. I did my sets of GH raises on the floor. I then tried one set on the GHD. I will have to try them again and check the GHD setup. While doing them I didn’t feel like I was locked in good so only went a very short range of motion.

    I worked with Dawn & Brandon (sp?) on the deadlifts and felt really weak. I did my working strength sets at 205 which isn’t usually even a slight struggle for me but they were tough Tuesday. Could be too big a jump on the warmup sets, all the GH raises, just having a weak day or a combination of all three.

    For the metcon I used 185lbs and did the claburpees. Felt ok. These are the kind of metcons I like (short and sweet) although I would really like to be able to barrel through things like burpees a little faster.

  5. Dan Samarov says:

    Lower back = SORE. Need to REALLY work on getting my hammies into my deadlift. Worked w/ Salty and Reggie on the lifts, got to 397(ish) on the second set of 5, didn’t feel super heavy but form was off, went down to 385, good on the first 3 reps, last 2 were ugly.

    Did a quick metcon at the end of class, 5,4,3,2,1 muscle ups/HSPU’s from about 5inch elevation. Finished in 6 something.

    Yesterday worked on hang power snatch, got a PR at 82.5kg.

    Finished up w/ a quick metcon,
    5,4,3,2,1 barbell complex w/ 115 lbs (clean, front-squat, push-press, back squat, push-press), then burpees and push-ups, finished in 3:20.

  6. Steph says:

    Yes, I am already hating on Sebastian! I used to eat like that when I worked out, damn you hip injury!! Although, no fries? Their sweet potato fries are pretty good!