November 24, 2010
November 29, 2010


A Great turnout on a holiday morning. so I thought “what do people do before Thanksgiving Dinner?” They say Grace! With that in mind, we warmed up for some Olympic lifts. While several participants were worried about Mike Choi finding them doing cleans for time, they still managed to PR the workout, and keep good form. The knock against workouts like these is that form degrades and risk increases. However, when the emphasis is on quality movement and there is a good technical foundation (which is not developed in a workout like this) the risk is minimal.
After Grace, it was time for Tabata Goblet Squats (the only Thanksgiving-y thing I could come up with). Score (to the right of the WoD time on the whiteboard) was lowest round. I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday, and I look forward to another Mega-class this Sunday!


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