November 29, 2010
December 3, 2010
A Good Clean Fight

Tuesday night’s class served to re-emphasize an adage that many CFDCers know only too well: simple is never easy. On paper, the workout last night seemed simple – row 500m, then perform 5 rounds of 2 power cleans and 5 push-ups.

Lesson learned: complex movements with moderately heavy weight become exponentially harder while gulping oxygen (As Tom pointed out, a number of people missed the first clean of the first round).

Oddly enough, after resting for roughly 14 minutes and then performing the same workout again, a number of people’s times actually dropped, despite the fact that their times for the 500m row were slower than the first round. Were you one of these? If not, knowing that now, would you change your approach to the workout?

Only the times made it on the board, so post weights and thoughts on the workout to comments.

ALSO – Thanksgiving is done and gone, but still the CFDC Nutritional Challenge goes on. Did you stay on track during the holiday or derail, and if so, how badly? Are you back on track now? Can you tell a difference?


  1. SaltyHat says:

    Sorry for the late post everyone; I guess there’s still too much blood in my tryptophan system – or not enough pie…

  2. Sara says:

    Ok I enjoyed this workout. On the first round I didn’t go too hard on the row kept about a 1:55 pace. I worked with 105lbs for the cleans (I think 115 may have been a better weight to work with in an effort to step it up a bit). On the second round I tried to go a bit slower on the row and still ended up with a 1:57 pace. I didn’t feel like I was pushing it on either one too much.

    My times on the 2 rounds were only 1 second difference.

    Great programming for Tuesday!

  3. SBV says:

    Wow, this workout really got my juices flowing! As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, I love workouts where strength is not the limiting factor. With power cleans at 155# and only five push-ups, I never had to break up the reps. Instead, the challenge was to transition between movements at a rapid pace without my heart beating out of my chest. In contrast, had the workout been power cleans at 175# and 10 push-ups per set, I would have spent a good deal of time shaking out my arms in an effort to pump out a few more reps. I had trouble falling asleep on Tuesday night because I was still feeling the intensity from such a short, powerful workout.

    I tried to maintain a steady pace on the rower — probably around 1.50. Rather than racing through it in sub-1.40, I focused my energy on getting my feet out of the rower quickly, taking some deep breaths on my walk over to the bar, and not wasting any time. This strategy worked well for me.

    Quick shout-out to the big boys who were throwing around 225# on the power cleans and doing clapping push-ups. They were doing a workout on a completely different level. Pretty inspiring stuff.

  4. Steph says:

    Nobody wanted to comment on the nutritional challenge? Well then, I’ll be the pig.

    Yes, I completely fell off the wagon during Thanksgiving. I was doing well until Thanksgiving dinner, but since I was going to make that my cheat meal of the week, I wasn’t too worried. The real failure came the next day. The next day was my birthday and I had pie after dinner, and the night after that.

    Even with that I feel like I did better than I would’ve done if I hadn’t been on the challenge. I also found it much easier to get back on track after derailing – my cravings weren’t nearly as strong as before.

  5. SBV says:

    I’ve had pumpkin pie each of the last seven nights. I think its helping.

  6. Maiko D. says:

    I’ll bite.

    I definitely fell off the wagon during and after thanksgiving. Then I had a hard time getting back on because I didn’t have time to buy & cook myself some meals for the week. I didn’t have that much left-overs to use either but I’m set now.

    When I first cheated I felt pretty damn bloated. I definitely packed on a few pounds and my sleep was pretty rough until around Wednesday. I can’t really comment on workout performance b/c this week was a scheduled rest week.

    It’ll be hard to stay on for the rest of the month…holiday cookie exchange with someone I hadn’t seen since college is coming in two weeks!!! I’m not too worried, I enjoy the meals I’ve been making since the challenge began (which coincided with a renewed interest in Japanese cuisine & bentos) and I don’t see me stopping until another bout of cooking-burnout hits me.

  7. SaltyHat says:

    I suppose bringing up okinomiyaki wouldn’t really be appropriate at this juncture then, would it?

  8. Maiko D. says:

    it’s ok for now only b/c this Osaka style recipe is so freaking convoluted…