December 13, 2010
December 17, 2010
Who’s Your Buddy?

After three classes of heavy strength work, Tuesday nights class moved down to the court as Tom broke out an old favorite from his rugby days: the team suicide.

Team Suicide (Teams of 3): teammate 1 runs a full suicide (half, back, full, back, half, back) as an individual, then teammates 1 & 2 run a full suicide together (arms locked or around the shoulders), the teammaets 1, 2 & 3 run a full suicide together, at which point teammate 1 drops off, and teammates 2 & 3 run a full suicide together, and then, finally, teammate 3 runs a full suicide as an individual.

Yes, that’s a lot of running (which apparently can make your legs spontaneously burst open & bleed).
Combined with a few wall-balls and double unders, and it was a full on team met-con.

After everyone caught their breath, class closed out with some resistance band core work. Rest up, stay warm, and prepare yourself for what’s sure to be a fun Thursday class.



  1. Tom Brose says:

    A workout with 48 burpees gets 11 comments and this gets none? Sounds like a hint about what you want to see on the board…

  2. Sara says:

    Well here are my thoughts:

    While I liked the team WOD I am not fond of the team suicide. It just made my back hurt even more than it normally does when running. I felt like I was completely overextended during the running.

    I didn’t end up doing too many wallballs. I didn’t have as much trouble as I usually do with them though

    I had a good double under day. I was averaging 15-20 at a time.

  3. SaltyHat says:

    uh, lessee – burpees over double unders? that’s a no-brainer for me…

  4. Ethan says:

    On another note, I plan to compete/see if I can finish this even in April. Hope to start training for it soon.

  5. Myra says:

    Ethan, that’s great! I’m signed up for the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder too – October 22, 2011.

    This video is probably one of the best I’ve seen of TM events to date –

    Tom, I can do 48 burpees, but it’ll take a while. I probably could do 48 double-unders one at time, but it’d take much, much longer.

  6. Myra says:

    They changed the URL! Ignore the Tough Mudder video above- watch this one: