December 20, 2010
December 24, 2010
A Clean Deconstruction

Lot’s of hip-flexor work Tuesday night as CFDC took on deconstructed clean, equaling 1 power clean (from the floor, but without the squat), 1 hang squat clean (from the hang position – at your waist – but catching the clean in a full squat), and 1 front squat.

Strength: 10x 1 power clean, 1 squat clean, & 1 front squat every 90sec.

Think of the deconstruction in terms of the what’s required for each movement:
Power for the power clean – it takes a lot of force to generate enough momentum to move the bar from the ground to your shoulders without dropping into a squat;
Speed for the hang squat clean – unlike the power clean, you need speed to push your body under the bar, rather than moving the bar up your body;
Control for the front squat – clearly you can move the weight around, and you can move your body around the weight, but after two explosive movements performed back to back, you need control and strength to complete a full front squat with the weight.

Where else do we see the explosive hip drive, speed, and control requirements in the gym? If you answered “on the rower,” you’d be right – and that’s exactly what followed the strength portion of the workout:

Met-Con: 500m row

Once done with the rowing, class closed out with some strict Toes-2-Bar (for those who can complete 10 or more K2E) or K2E (for those with less than 10 K2E).

3 more days till the jolly, fat-man arrives – what’s on your wish holiday this holiday season? Oly Shoes? Weight Vests? Jump Ropes? Your own rower??

You can be sure I didn’t ask Santa for that last item…


  1. Maiko D. says:

    My holiday list? It should have included a new jump rope. 🙁 I’ve been in a reading mode lately so I’ve been focusing on health & nutrition related books instead of actual equipment.

    Nice write up on the deconstructed clean btw!

  2. Steph says:

    Worked with Doron on the cleans. It felt so good to be doing cleans again! And now I can stop dreaming about them 🙂 Only used 50lbs for my timed rounds but did 2 extra rounds using 60lbs and they felt pretty good. Doron’s form improved dramatically over the course of our rounds, especially as she got more tired. Good work Doron!!

    I’d like a new hip for xmas, is it too late for that? 🙂

  3. John Frazer says:

    Maiko – Software trumps hardware.

    Personally, I asked for a sandbag set from Catalyst Athletics.

  4. Sara says:

    I was working with 75 lbs and 85lbs on the sets. I did full squat cleans instead of power cleans. Although it is just a picture so it can be hard to tell it looks like I am pulling under the bar before reaching full extension. In other words I didn’t finish my pull. One of the things I have been focusing on with mike on Saturdays.

    Once again – it is nice to see steph back and even better to see her doing cleans again.