January 5, 2011
January 10, 2011
Learn to Love the Floor

CFDC spent a lot of time on the floor on Thursday night, beginning with a few rounds of floor press.

The floor press is a classic, time-tested movement, one that perhaps even pre-dates the bench press, yet it is so often under-utilized by lifters of all types. As might be expected, the floor press is of course great for helping to strengthen one’s bench press, especially at that sticky mid-point. It is also great for building up tricep strength, as well as explosive power, which will pay large dividends when it comes to push-ups (anyone recall Tuesday?)

Set Up: As with a normal bench press, you want to maintain the lower back arch as you lift. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lower back arched, and shoulder blades pinched together.

Lift: Take a slightly narrow grip on the bar, tuck the elbows and then unrack the weight – preferably with the help of a spotter – being sure to center the weight over your chest (not your chin or throat). Slowly lower the weight until your triceps touch the floor; don’t allow the weight to crash the elbows into the ground. Pause for a split second, then press the weight back up in a straight line.

After class had completed the 5 x 3 floor press, it was on to a team met-con:

Great work by all, especially with a movement that was new to many. Be sure to think good thoughts for Reggie, Tom A., Steve O., Sebastian, Salty, and Jenn Sargent who will be competing in the Baltimore Open Weightlifting Championship competition this Saturday, as well as their coaches, Mike Choi and Tom Brose.



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