January 10, 2011
January 17, 2011
Bi’s & Tri’s – CrossFit Style

Following some pretty intense posterior chain work on Sunday, class focused on upper body work on Tuesday. Before starting however, class worked through a lengthy dynamic warm-up:

Then it was on to a very deliberate strength set: 6 x 3 Strict Press, each set combined with chin-ups, the rep scheme of which was based on each athletes pull-up ability:

Reminders for the Press:

(1) grip on the bar should be slightly wider than the shoulders;
(2) any time the bar is in the rack position (held in front across the chest and shoulders), the elbows should be forward of the bar, not underneath or behind – this allows the entire body to support the weight, rather than just the arms & shoulders;
(3) retract the head slightly before pressing to allow the bar to travel overhead in the straightest line possible – any deviation from this line (i.e., forward and away from the body) will increase the difficulty of the lift exponentially;
(4) finish the lift with the weight directly overhead and with ACTIVE shoulders – that is, shoulders shrugged up towards the ears, allowing the musculature of the upper back and shoulders to support the joint as much as possible;
(4.5) finally, if in the finished position, you find that your back is arching excessively, with the torso pushing forward, really squeeze your glutes and tighten the abs to bring your hips back in line with the rest of your body.

Post arm-definition work, class ran through a quick 3-piece met-con:

And then it was over.

Nice work everyone. There are a lot of new faces in class, and we hope to see lots more in the coming months. Be sure to introduce yourself if you see someone you haven’t met before. See you all on Thursday.



  1. SBV says:

    Previous 1 RM on press was 135#. Last night, I pressed 140# for a set of three amidst a shit-ton of chin-ups. I’m a believer!

  2. Sara says:

    I pressed 105 for three last night. That was my previous 1RM. I attempted 110 but was just too tired. I did sets of 2 on the chin-ups to get some work in on them without pain.

    The metcon was short but pretty tough. Finished in 6:37. Kept a pretty even 1:58 pace on the rower and used the 20kg KB for the swings. Worst part of this workout was the throbbing forearms and grip after the 50 swings.

  3. mosaicman says:

    Thanks for the summary of the workout. A reminder of the details about technique is really helpful. After all these years I’ve learned that I was doing some of the basic moves incorrectly.