January 12, 2011
January 19, 2011
Cleaning Crew

After a lengthy grinder on the court Thursday night, class went short and powerful Sunday morning. Everyone warmed up with a nice repeating combination of squats, push-ups, T2B, lunges and sit-ups, and then the bars were broken out. Pre-WOD, groups of 2 or 3 people found a comfortable working weight by performing 2×2 power cleans & 1 push-press, followed by 2×2 power cleans, 1 front squat, & 1 push-press/-jerk. Then it was time for the main event:

5x 1 power clean, 1 hang power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push-press/jerk, 21 box jumps, & 7 burpees

The goal was to do each round as fast as possible, pushing yourself to do the box jumps and burpees unbroken, before resting for 2-3 minutes before beginning the next round.

Close-out for the day: 1xAMRAP Strict T2B, 1xAMRAP Strict K2E, 1xAMRAP T2B, & 1xAMRAP K2E.

Great work by everyone; a lot of attention was paid to form Sunday morning, which is just as it should be. Also, many thanks to Sara for keeping people honest on the box jumps – that extra inch or two up, instead of out, might not seem like much, but at 21reps a pop, it can definitely get to you (moreover, when competing, you certainly don’t want to be doing extra box jumps if you’re already facing 105 Rx’d!).

Enjoy the long weekend if you get/got one – in the meantime, post weights used for the barbell-complex to comments, as well as if you were able to complete all 5 individual rounds unbroken.



  1. SaltyHat says:

    ok, ok, the post was late yesterday – I apologize. Now, howabout some comments?
    Personally, the box jumps kicked my butt – my hip flexors and quads just seized up by the 4th round, resulting in some small breaks. Additionally, I had no drive left for my very last push-press/jerk attempt, and couldn’t get under it fast enough. All in all, a successful butt-whuppin’!

  2. Dan Samarov says:

    Great wod,

    Box jumps were tough, liked the rest/work scheme. Can’t remember all the weights but they were something like

    ~245 (missed the press/jerk)

    box jumps felt fast, still working on cycling w/out compromising FRM. I think I could’ve started out heavier on this. Front squats need a lot of work.

  3. Sara says:

    I went up to 105 in Sunday’s workout. The box jumps were fairly slow for me. My front squats need work. I think the front squats and the hang clean were the limiting factors for me on how much weight I could put on the bar.