January 19, 2011
January 24, 2011
Overhead Projection

With the court unexpectedly out of use Thursday night, class stuck to the studio for some heavy OHS (overhead squats):

As written, the workout should’ve allowed you to take 10 light-weight warm-ups, 10 moderate-weight warm-ups, and then 3 heavy sets of 5 reps, increasing in weight each set. For the final set however, you were to back off the final weight used to a weight that was roughly 50-75% of your max effort, and then go for 1 set of AMRAP OHS.

It was also great to have Adam Lautenschlager back in class for a night:
For those of you who don’t know, Adam is an original CFDCer, and by original, I mean working out with Tom pre-2005 when CFDC didn’t even have a roof over it’s head. Adam is physical therapist with the Army and grabbed a quick workout with us while stateside on leave. Look for Adam to drop in again in a few months when he rotates back to the US.

Once everyone was done cursing at the OHS, and all the bars, bumpers and racks had been put away, there was only short metcon left:

Great work as always, now try to stay warm this weekend, especially Saturday. If you’re looking for something to do, consider heading down to Charlottesville Dan, Sebastian, Toma A., and Steve O. as they compete in CF Charlottesville’s 2nd Annual Super Fit Games:

The Super Fit Games will be a two day competition, with three events the first day and two on the second – the events themselves were posted Thursday afternoon, and you can check them out here on the Super Fit Games Website. Best of luck guys; your hard work and training has been evident and we are rooting for you!



  1. Sara says:

    Good Luck Dan, Sebastian, Tom A and Steve O. And don’t forget to have fun competing. Please keep us posted.

    Welcome back Adam! Great to see you again.

    Welcome to class Aldon (I am sorry if I spelled your name wrong) Great job for your first day in class.

    I ended up working by myself on the OHS cause there were just way too many people on the shorter people’s bar. As a result I ended up pulling the bar off the ground for most sets.

    I hit:
    5 @45
    10 @65
    10 @75
    5 @85
    5 @95

    I was too tired to get the bar overhead @105 even from the shoulders, so I just went for my rep-out set. I got 13 @75. Was hoping for 20. Nextime I guess 🙂

    I did toes to bar for the metcon and had trouble keeping hold of the bar to do each set unbroken.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good luck to everyone competing at SuperFit this weekend!

  3. Steph says:

    Good luck guys at the competition! You guys will be awesome!