January 21, 2011
January 26, 2011
Strength, Skill, Suffering

Congratulations to Dan, Sebastian, Tom A. and Steve O. for their performances in the Charlottesville SuperFit Games this weekend – Dan took 3rd overall amidst some fierce competition; Sebastian & Tom finished back-to-back in the standings (62 & 63 overall, respectively), with Tom happily edging out the only other “masters” competitor at the competition; Steve O. fought valiantly through illness to finish the first two workouts before it finally forced him to the sidelines. I hope to get some more updates and pictures shortly, so check back for an updated re-cap.

Meanwhile, back in the District, class was gearing up for a 3-part Sunday workout.

Round 1: Back Squats; 6×3 at ~80% of 1RM.
A lot of people should now have 1RM numbers, which were set a two Sundays ago in class.

Round 2: Pull-ups/Rope Climbs.
As prescribed, you were to base your particular skill work-out on the your current pull-up abilities. Thus:
(0 Pull-ups) – If you currently are unable to do a pull-up, you did 4 sets of 3 negatives (jumping into a pull-up and then lowering yourself as slowly as possible);
(1-5 Pull-ups) – If you currently average between 1 and 5 pull-ups, then you did a ladder-style workout, starting with 1 pull-up, then 2, then 3, then 4, & then 5; failure on any set meant you restarted the following set back at 1 and began again.
(6-10 Pull-ups) – If you currently average between 6 and 10 pull-ups, you did 3sets of AMRAP pull-ups.
(10+ Pull-ups) – Finally, if you are averaging more than 10pull-ups a set, you had a choice of either doing weighted strict pull-ups, or rope climbs.

Not a great picture, but that’s Julia, on her SECOND no-leg rope climb of the class!

Round 3: Team Met-Con of 300m Row, 21 Thrusters, 7 clapping Push-ups.
In teams of 3, complete as many rounds as you can of the above workout in 12 minutes. And if you didn’t think that thrusters after rowing would suck before you started, you certainly learned differently after you started…

Please post weights used for the back squats to comments, as well as the number of rounds your team managed to complete during the met-con. Stay warm until Tuesday.



  1. Alden says:

    This was my second CrossFit session, and I’m hooked!

    Round 1: After a warm up set, I did 5X270lbs (is the bar 40lbs?).

    Round 3: We almost did three full rounds. I started with clapping push-ups, and was finishing my 3rd set of thrusters when time was up … no time to do the 3rd 300m row. Oh well, next time.

    Thank you all for making CrossFit so great.


  2. SaltyHat says:

    Alden, we’re always glad to have another CF junky around – we’re only as good as the company we keep, and, personally, I think we have a pretty damn good collection of members, to which you are a welcome addition!

    Great work Sunday; I believe the bar you were using was 45lbs.

  3. Alden says:

    SaltyHat, thanks for the tip on breathing, I think it’ll make a huge difference on my squatting. I’m looking forward to learning the ropes (literally) from you, that’s when my torn callus heals.