January 26, 2011
February 2, 2011

Sunday afforded us the time for another “Three Part” training session. While we have been hitting the heavy stuff hard, it needs to be balanced with some skill work. After the warmup, the focus was on ring rows. These are a great way for beginners to strengthen the upper back, and our progression gave options to challenge everyone. For those capable, we introduced the false grip. One of the challenges for enthusiastic Muscle Up chasers is to keep the false grip, and working FG Rows and Pullups is a great strengthener. The last progression was to transition from the Row into the bottom of a dip position.

Ring Rows

We followed this up with a Hobbesian metcon; nasty, brutish and short (well, not that short).
13 Min AMRAP
3 burpees on the top of each minute
Max rep DB Thrusters (M=1/2 BW, W=1/3 BW)

Finished out with work on the L Sit. This movement challenged all the Superfit Games competitors, and we need to explore it more.


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