February 9, 2011
February 14, 2011

The Overhead Squats. Say what you will about them (frustrating, humbling, aggravating, maddening), they are the one-stop-shopping exercise of the weight room. Looking for increased strength? Done. Looking for increased mobility? Done. Looking for increased stability, coordination, flexibility and balance? Yep, Done, Done, Done and Done. So, yes, the OHS can be a bit frustrating, especially when you are just starting to learn it, BUT, trust me, it IS worth it.

Thursday night’s OHS-program: 10, 10, 5, 3, 3, 3.

A few pointers in set-up and execution for the OHS:
(1) Start with the bar on your back (on top of your traps) just as you would a back squat;

(2) move your hands into a wide “snatch-grip” position(if you don’t have much experience with the snatch grip, use the PVC pass-thru/dislocate drill to determine your hand placement – start with your hands at the end of the PVC, passing the PVC from front to back over your head, moving your hands closer together, inch-by-inch, each swing; when you can no longer pass the PVC over your head, i.e. it get’s “stuck,” you have found your hand position);

(3) using a push-press motion, pop the bar into an overhead position, elbows locked out and shoulders active (driving up towards the ears) while shoulder blades remain pinched;

(4) Take a deep breath in and tighten up your core (think about getting ready for someone to punch you in the stomach – that’s the tightness you want);

(5) Begin the descent by sliding the hips back, keeping your weight in your heels, and lower down into a full squat position ALL WHILE CONTINUOUSLY pressing up into the weight overhead; &

(6) At the bottom of the squat (parallel or slightly below parallel), push your heels into the floor, keeping the knees pressed out, and drive up through the weight.

A lot of good form Thursday, especially from those still relatively new to the movement. Keep up the good work – it will pay off!

And while OHS were originally planned for the Met-Con as well, the awesome turn-out and limited equipment called for a slight change in plan. As such, the Met-Con turned into a two-movement, Tabata Blast:

Partner Tabata Burpees & Sit-Ups – partners switched exercises after every 20sec until a full 8 rounds of each exercise had been completed.

Tom will return on Sunday, and while I’d like to promise everyone that this will mean the end of burpees in the workouts, it’d be a lie. In the meantime, rest up, and enjoy what looks to be a relatively nice weekend.



  1. Sara says:

    Great Class Chris! I it the following sets on my OHS:

    3×120 – PR

    The 3×120 was a new 3 rep PR for me and I definitely felt like I could have tried the 125 instead of the 120.

    On the metcon, my lowest rounds were: 13 situps and 6 burpees.