February 16, 2011
February 18, 2011

Hey Guys & Gals of CFDC, you may have gotten an e-mail about this, but please check out this request from our friend Deepak (another one of those great CF athletes who helps dispel the notion of “dumb-jocks”!). The tracking tool they are working on sounds really informative and helpful and would be an excellent way for most (if not all) of us to chart our progress. So please take a quick second to read the request and then fill out the online survey (which will help them design the tool):


Dear CrossFit friends – would you be willing to take a short survey (10 multiple- choice questions)?

I’m doing a market research project for myself (PhD in neurobiology and Xfit athlete) and a colleague who is a Phd in statistics and a elite CrossFit athlete. We are creating a sophisticated multi-purpose athletic performance analytics tool specifically for CrossFitters. Currently, there are tools available that will let you log nutrition and training, but this new tool will actually track and quantify the effect of changes in your diet and training on your athletic performance output. This information will help CrossFitters to optimize their personal nutrition and training in order to achieve maximal performance output.

Badass, right? Here’s a link to the survey – please feel free to pass it on to any other CrossFitters who would be willing to fill it out. (Salty’s Note: You can also click the title at the top of this post to get to the survey)




  1. Dan Samarov says:

    Thanks for posting Chris!